Top 5 Things That Make Mean Stack The Best Process For Website Development

Top 5 Things That Make Mean Stack The Best Process For Website Development

With an exponential rise in technology, the process of website development has become more vibrant. Website development is fast-paced and is done by keeping a diverse environment in mind so that it can cater to all the requirements of the real business world. To keep up with the dynamic nature of the website and

With an exponential rise in technology, the process of website development has become more vibrant. Website development is fast-paced and is done by keeping a diverse environment in mind so that it can cater to all the requirements of the real business world. To keep up with the dynamic nature of the website and the business environment, it becomes essential to find a technology that is compatible enough to give you the desired result.

In this situation, MEAN Stack Development comes to your rescue as it is a set of technologies developed at different points of time, which are now being used as a group to provide dynamic website development.

What is MEAN Stack Development?

MEAN Stack development stands for Mongo DB, Express, Angular.js, and Node.js. All these different technologies are blended with a JavaScript as it is a zestful programming language that is used at both client-side and server-side for the process of web app development. The main reason behind the popularity of MEAN Stack development among the website developers is as it is very resourceful and has JavaScript, which is very easy to learn.

Let us go in detail about the four different technologies that are clubbed to make the MEAN Stack web development process.

Mongo DB: Mongo DB is an open-source, JavaScript-based database that uses Json format for the work of data storage. The architecture of this technique consists of a collection of documents that makes the architecture highly scalable. Because of this, it has the advantage of being able to handle a large amount of data in a better manner.

Node.js: It is a JavaScript-based runtime that is built on the chrome’s V8 engine. Node.js development has an amazing ecosystem that has a rich library of readymade codes, as it is an open-source platform.

Express: It is a server-side JavaScript framework which very lightweight and easy to manage. It is used along with Node.JS to make the web application development process simpler, secure, and modular.

AngularJS: Angular.js development is primarily used for just a single page, although its functionality is not limited to just mobile application development and website development. It is a very popular front end web development framework that has constant updates according to the requirements of the outside world and has features of both JavaScript and Java. Moreover, it is also an object-oriented website development framework.

The reason why Mean Stack development is best for your Website development

After reading about the technologies that are used in the MEAN Stack web development, let us quickly head and see why it is the best option for your website development process.


Let us get the Elephant addressed in the room. Despite the fact that MEAN stack web development uses a combination of four different technologies, the web development process in MEAN stack is exceptionally pocket-friendly. You don’t have to hire several specialists for the same work as MEAN stack has introduced a new career profile, which is a full-stack JavaScript developer.

Moreover, JavaScript developers coming from different backgrounds can also be used in MEAN stack development, as the base of the web development process is going to remain the same. MEAN.js is an open-source platform, and thus, it has extensive codes which the developers can refer to at any given point of time. It reduces not only the cost of development but also the product development cycle.

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Increased Efficiency

The biggest advantage that you will have by hiring a MEAN Stack developer is that it would give your business a much needed competitive edge, which is essential in today’s business environment. Whether you are doing vibrant web projects or single-page applications, MEAN Stack developer will provide you a one-stop solution with better flexibility and increased efficiency.

Better efficiency increases the productivity of the team as everyone in MEAN Stack development is working with a background of JavaScript. Thus, similar functionality increases communication and work management within the team, thus providing better results within the allotted time. The switching of tasks will also be done seamlessly as every developer works on the same language.

No dearth of Talent

According to a survey conducted by StackOverflow, JavaScript is the most popular website programming language in the world. As the language is widely used, there is no dearth of talented MEAN Stack developers around the world, thus hiring them for a specific task never becomes a problem.

Moreover, with many companies opting for MEAN Stack development for their website development process, there is a growing demand for the MEAN Stack developers, and often, the supply meets the demand. Since everything is done in JavaScript, the website development process becomes neat without any hassle or distortion.

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Flexible Structure

We all know that nowadays, websites are designed and developed, keeping mobile in mind along with the desktop. As the mobile device has comparatively lesser space than desktop, it is preferred to store the data on the cloud, and Mogo DB in MEAN Stack development is specially designed, keeping this very aspect in mind.

The Mongo DB database stores the data in Json format, which is flexible, and meets all the needs and demands of the application on which the MEAN Stack developer is working on. Making it compatible with the cloud completely eradicates the problems of storage and makes the developers focus on their core work.

Isomorphic Coding

Because of isomorphic coding, the MEAN Stack developers can make the codes go to and fro within the premises of the web development framework. No heavy re-writing of the code is required when the code is being transferred from one framework to another framework. The coding works smoothly while the transition process is on, and this is one of the main reasons why MEAN Stack development is so popular in the website developer community. Read more at:

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