Cloud Made Easy: IBM Cloud Code Engine Lets Developers Run Code, Easily, At Scale

Cloud Made Easy: IBM Cloud Code Engine Lets Developers Run Code, Easily, At Scale

Storage Made Easy currently supports all of the clouds listed below; we're always adding more, so continue to check this page for more cloud environments. Cloud made easy: IBM Cloud Code Engine lets developers run code, easily, at scale.

Businesses across industries are embracing a hybrid cloud approach more than ever as they seek to digitally transform in the post-pandemic world. In fact, 64% of companies  surveyed in an IBM Institute for Business Value study say they shifted to more cloud-based business activities during the pandemic. For developers who are charged with rapidly innovating and building applications that enable digital transformation, open source container platforms can help reduce vendor lock-in and make it easier for teams to move applications from one environment to another.

But the reality for developers is that the most common architectures used today are riddled with complexities. This requires them to learn how to configure and manage new concepts, taking time that could otherwise be spent on coding applications.

By taking your developers away from their core tasks, your company could be at risk for slowed innovation, decreased revenue gains, and competitive lag. To help address these challenges and give your teams an easier way to embrace hybrid cloud, IBM has introduced a new fully managed, serverless platform for cloud-native workloads built to free development teams’ time. This allows them to focus on writing code instead of dealing with underlying infrastructure.

IBM Cloud Code Engine is now generally available and designed to help developers in any industry build, deploy and scale applications in seconds, while only paying when code is running. Before, it may have taken your team weeks to learn new skills and configure the right environment to meet your business needs. Code Engine is a fully managed, serverless offering on IBM Cloud, the industry’s most secure and open cloud for business.

With Code Engine, you can now:

  • Focus on building applications rapidly. Code Engine is designed to make your job easier and free up your time to build applications. Whether your development team is new to cloud-native concepts or comprised of seasoned experts, you can use Code Engine without having deep platform-specific experience to quickly create your workloads. You also don’t need to burden yourself with extra time spent configuring the code for your particular infrastructure. All you need is your source code or a container image, an idea about how you want the workload to behave, and Code Engine is designed to address the rest.
  • Pay only for code as it’s running. With Code Engine, you are billed for code only when it is running.1 If your app scales to zero or your job or build isn’t running, you’re not consuming resources and therefore you’re not charged. This makes cloud-native development more accessible to companies of any size.
  • Deploy in seconds. Code Engine is engineered so that you can deploy an application running on your laptop to the cloud in seconds without additional work. Your application now runs in a secured cloud environment and you can get back to coding.

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