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Steps To Implement Redux Form In React Native Application

Mostly all the applications contain forms right from handing to the entrance we can also consider as sign up to departure. Forms provide you with better feedback and also manage the interaction better with web applications.

If you are working on React Native forms, you consider that you need to manage the state for every input field by checking all fields to validate the user input, and also, you need to handle submit form functionality. It will be a lengthy and time-consuming process so, to make the development faster and easier, we use the Redux form.

So, let’s look at the steps to Implement Redux Form In React Native Application.

Step To Follow :

  • Installation & Set Up.

  • Nee Add the redux-form package to the project.

  • Import the reducer from the redux-form package to the application’s store.

  • Field Component and handle submit

  • // FormInput.js

  • // UserForm.js

  • Field-Level Validation

  • Resetting Form

  • Accessing the form values in another component

  • // SuccessfullModal.js

So, we look out the steps as a theory. In case if you want to understand this part in deep with code so, you need to build a demo application, and to implement code for that, you need to look out the sample of the same so, for that, I want to suggest you read out the in-depth article on Redux Form in React Native Application this article will surely guide you with code and steps in detail.

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Steps To Implement Redux Form In React Native Application