What is Degen Token Finance (ADGNZ) | What is ADGNZ token

What is Degen Token Finance (ADGNZ) | What is ADGNZ token

Degen Token Finance is a Yield Farming & Compounding Aggregator and Gambling & Sports Betting Platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Our mission is to provide a secure yield farming platform where our investors, fellow degens, can have peace of mind from the scams and rug pulls that are -sadly- abundant in the BSC yield farming ecosystem. All of that while having the option to gamble their aDGNZ tokens for that awesome adrenaline rush and increased profits, or contribute to our automated deflationary token burning mechanism when they lose. Additionally, the gambling and sports betting applications are just the beginning, as the team plans to expand into NFT-minting, trading and other applications. In this article, we'll discuss What is Degen Token Finance (ADGNZ) | What is ADGNZ token?

In this article, we'll discuss information about the Degen Token Finance project and ADGNZ token

DGNZ is a yield farming aggregator running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

DGNZ is a yield Farming platform currently on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

We are a community run project that are governed by vote of the community for all major changes to the protocol.

All the contract are timelocked with a 12hours delay at launch to let the community review all the changes.

Business strategy and overall development is ultimately decided on by the dgzn team.


Very little pre-mined tokens meant to be paired with BNB , BUSD and CAKE in order to create the first Liquidity Providers tokens.

Fair launch , zero team token.

The team will buy their tokens on the markets day 1.


πŸ’Έ Earn

🎲 Win

Play and earn to get more tokens or burn them for eternity.

Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Sure the bsc is not the best on decentralization but the scalabity and security can be trusted. It is a great way to experiment what defi can offer.


The compounding is a yield farming aggregator running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Compounding Vaults are a yield optimizer platform that provides to the DeFi users with autocompounded yields at specific optimal intervals.

The intervals are optimized in order to provide the highest APYs without wasting unnecessary gas Fees.

All the fees to run the system are included into the APYs.

Yield farming

Initial liquidity pools to farm DGNZ

The LP can be purchased on https://pancakeswap.finance/


DegenToken provides you with multiple yield farming opportunities.

1 DGNZ are minted per block and dispatched to the farming pools.

10% extra DGNZ are sent to the main devAddr.(treasury | Marketing)

5% extra DGNZ are sent to the coinflip game.

5% extra DGNZ are sent the roulette game.

5% extra DGNZ are sent to PrizePool (treasury )

The dev funds will be utilised to develop new features to the project.

How to farm

1) First up, head on over to our main page and click on farms. It will bring you at this place.

1) Click on "GET DGNZ-BNB" button and you'll be brought to PancakeSwap Decentralized Exchange where you can purchase $DGNZ token.

Let's use the pair DGNZ/BNB as an example. You'll get at this screen

Enter the amount of BNB you wish to convert. Press swap and confirm swap on your wallet.

2) After swapping, click on the Liquidity tab and then the "Add Liquidity" button.

4) Key in the amount of tokens for the equivalent amount you would like to supply as liquidity and click on the "Supply" button.

5) You'll receive a breakdown of the LP tokens that you are supplying along with its relevant information. Click on "Confirm Supply" once you're ready. Once you've supplied liquidity, you should see an equivalent amount of DGNZ/BNB LP in your wallet. Head on over here to deposit them into the DGNZ vaults.

6) Head to DGNZ-BNB tab. At this point, you will need to APPROVE the spending of your LP. When it is done press the MAX button then Deposit.

You should see your corresponding amount of LP tokens in the "Deposited" balance of the respective vault (in this case, the DGNZ/BNB LP Vault).

How and Where to Buy ADGNZ token ?

ADGNZ token is now live on the Binance mainnet. The token address for ADGNZ is 0xe8b9b396c59a6bc136cf1f05c4d1a68a0f7c2dd7. Be cautious not to purchase any other token with a smart contract different from this one (as this can be easily faked). We strongly advise to be vigilant and stay safe throughout the launch. Don’t let the excitement get the best of you.

Just be sure you have enough BNB in your wallet to cover the transaction fees.

Join To Get BNB (Binance Coin)! ☞ CLICK HERE

You will have to first buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)...

We will use Binance Exchange here as it is one of the largest crypto exchanges that accept fiat deposits.

Once you finished the KYC process. You will be asked to add a payment method. Here you can either choose to provide a credit/debit card or use a bank transfer, and buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)...


Step by Step Guide : What is Binance | How to Create an account on Binance (Updated 2021)

Next step

You need a wallet address to Connect to Pancakeswap Decentralized Exchange, we use Metamask wallet

If you don't have a Metamask wallet, read this article and follow the steps

☞What is Metamask wallet | How to Create a wallet and Use

Transfer $BNB to your new Metamask wallet from your existing wallet

Next step

Connect Metamask Wallet to Pancakeswap Decentralized Exchange and Buy, Swap ADGNZ token

Contract: 0xe8b9b396c59a6bc136cf1f05c4d1a68a0f7c2dd7

Read more: What is Pancakeswap | Beginner's Guide on How to Use Pancakeswap

The top exchange for trading in ADGNZ token is currently Pancakeswap v2

Find more information ADGNZ

☞ Website ☞ Explorer ☞ Source Code ☞ Social Channel ☞ Social Channel 2 ☞ Documentation ☞ Coinmarketcap

πŸ”ΊDISCLAIMER: The Information in the post isn't financial advice, is intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Trading Cryptocurrency is VERY risky. Make sure you understand these risks and that you are responsible for what you do with your money.

πŸ”₯ If you're a beginner. I believe the article below will be useful to you ☞ What You Should Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency - For Beginner

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