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Quarantine rule of different state after train travel

After a surge in new COVID instances in 2021, the Health Ministry issued new quarantine guidelines for travellers, clarifying that passengers without COVID-19 signs will be permitted to fly and on birth will need to self-monitor their wellbeing for 14 days. The ministry has given nation authorities an upper hand in creating their protocols concerning quarantine and isolation according to their evaluation of the circumstance. Before you intend to travel, go through the full guidelines of this city/state you’re going to and comply with precisely the same to prevent any hassles.

State-wise Quarantine Rules and Guidelines

1. Quarantine Rules in Delhi

Quarantine Days: 10 times if favourable / exempted if Favorable
Quarantine Sort: Home/Institutional quarantine if found positive
Additional Information: Saved from Maharashtra with no negative RT-PCR report will likely be asked to undergo 14 days of home quarantine.

2. Quarantine Rules in West Bengal

Quarantine Days: 14 Days
Quarantine Form: Home quarantine
Additional Information: All travellers must submit the statement form on the Sandhane program.

3. Quarantine Rules at Uttar Pradesh

Quarantine Days: 14 Days
Quarantine Form: Home quarantine
Additional Information: Exception to passengers remaining more minor than a week, on a business trip or people who produce COVID-19 adverse report. All passengers arriving at UP might need to enrol themselves and provide details of these and relatives travelling together.

4. Quarantine Rules in Punjab

Quarantine Days: No quarantine
Quarantine Form: NA
Additional Information: All passengers need to download the Aarogya Setu program. Registration on the COVA Punjab program is mandatory.

5. Quarantine Rules at Tamil Nadu

Quarantine Days: 14 Days
Quarantine Form: Home quarantine
Additional Information: Individuals testing positive for COVID-19 and mild or severe symptoms will probably be admitted into a hospital or a gym. All passengers entering Tamil Nadu must acquire a"TN e-pass" on the TN e-pass portal

6. Quarantine Rules in Kerala

Quarantine Days: 14 Days
Quarantine Form: Home quarantine
Additional Information: Exception to people coming for a business function or a brief duration. The SOPs issued stated symptomatic persons will probably be sent to COVID Care Centre or hospital

7. Quarantine Rules in Assam

Quarantine Days: 14 Days
Quarantine Sort: Both institutional and home quarantine
Official COVID-19 Website of Assam:

8. Quarantine Rules at Andhra Pradesh

Quarantine Days: Minimum 7 times

Quarantine Sort: Both institutional and home quarantine
Additional Information: Passengers must enrol on the Spandana site before purchasing tickets. Further, these coming from high prevalence areas such as Delhi, Gujarat, Chennai, Mumbai, Rajasthan & MP might need to go for seven days institutional quarantine and remainder for 14 days home quarantine. After their evaluation results for COVID-19 come unwanted, they’ll be relieved out of isolation, check website for more details.

9. Quarantine Rules from Jammu and Kashmir

Quarantine Days: 14 times
Quarantine Form: Home quarantine
Additional Information: Mandatory testing of passengers

10. Quarantine Rules in Meghalaya

Quarantine Days: 48 hours
Quarantine Form: Institutional quarantine

11. Quarantine Rules in Goa
Quarantine Days: 14 times
Quarantine Form: Home quarantine
Additional Information: Symptomatic passengers and people who have a Global travelling history to undergo compulsory testing and institutional quarantine

12. Quarantine Rules in Rajasthan

Quarantine Days: 14 times
Quarantine Form: Home quarantine
Additional Information: Travellers on less than seven days excursion are exempted provided they reveal COVID-19 negative report ran two days ahead of the travel.

13. Quarantine Rules in Maharashtra

Quarantine Days: No quarantine
Quarantine Form: NA
Additional Information: All passengers need to download the Aarogya setu program. It’s compulsory for all travellers from Delhi-NCR, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, and Goa to take an unfavourable RT-PCR report no sooner than 72 hours. Passenger not needing RT-PCR report should undergo the test in the airport at their own cost.

14. Quarantine Rules in Uttarakhand

Quarantine times: Not mentioned
Quarantine kind: NA
Additional information: Passengers must take RT-PCR adverse report from ICMR licensed labs performed within the last 72hours. All passengers travelling to Uttarakhand for Kumbh Mela at Haridwar have to enrol on the state site Travellers should download the Aarogya Setu program

15. Quarantine Rules in Puducherry

Quarantine times: 14 times
Quarantine kind: Asymptomatic passengers need to experience 14 days of home quarantine. In symptomatic passengers, samples will be gathered for COVID- 19 evaluation, and they need to be in institutional quarantine until results are obtained.

Further information: All passengers entering Puducherry should undergo thermal screening and register their information on to acquire a Tamil Nadu e-pass.

16. Quarantine Rules in Karnataka

Quarantine Days: 14 times
Quarantine Form: Home isolation
Additional Information: Travellers exempted should they deliver test results that reveal them COVID-negative. Further, a verified e-pass in the Seva-Sindhu portal site is compulsory

17. Quarantine Rules in Odisha

Quarantine times: 14 times
Quarantine kind: Passengers arriving in urban regions from external Odisha must experience 14 days of home quarantine. In lack of suitable facilities in the home, 14 days of institutional quarantine is a must. Passengers coming back into rural regions have to experience systemic quarantine of seven days followed by seven days of home quarantine.

Additional information: Professionals or businessmen travelling for work or government officials will be exempted from compulsory quarantine should they journey to Odisha and depart within 72 hours, exit Odisha and return in 72 hours. The exemption also applies if the individual has undergone the specified period of quarantine.

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Shreya kapoor


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Ghaziabad, India | Divyaa Yoga Institute

Yoga gives peace to the body and mind that helps in living a healthy & happy life. It comes with a lot of benefits for both mental and physical health. Meditation and Yoga can cure many diseases and after seeing the results across the world, people are getting more into meditation and yoga. Many of them are trying to motivate others for shifting towards yoga by saving a little bit of time from daily routine. It’s not a bad idea to start a carrier in yoga as a yoga trainer, teacher, consultant or Therapist. If you are interested in it and doing it for a longer period.

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200 hour yoga teacher training course in India facilitates a professional syllabus that starts from basic and goes to the advanced level. They provide personal female/ male yoga trainer to the students according to their requirements.

200 hour yoga teacher training course syllabus includes mantra chanting. It releases positive energy from your mind that helps in decreasing negative thoughts. The study of asana is one of the most important points in the syllabus. Their trainers take care of the proper posture and body alignment so that the risk of injury can be reduced.

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For beginners, it is very important to do pose carefully to avoid injury. Their trainers use props at early stages so that beginners can improve after a few days. Improvisation plays a crucial role and at Divyaa yoga institute, professional teachers take care of every little thing so that every single person gets satisfaction in terms of peace, happiness, and whatever their goal is after adding meditation and yoga to their life schedule.

On the launch of 200 hour yoga teacher training course, the owner of Divyaa yoga institute said that “Yoga is an ancient practice and meditation that is now on everyone’s tongue. People are getting familiar with yoga because of positive results all across the world. Yoga is come up as a treatment for heart and other health issues. We are trying to encourage people, to give your mind and body relaxation from the stress and tension that they have filled up in their life because of pressure and duties.”

He further adds about the course “We are offering 200 hour yoga teacher training course for the people who have an interest or have some experience in the yoga profession. Now, you can convert your interest into a profession by opting for our professional yoga courses in India. We have experienced professional yoga trainers at our institute from across the world and sharing their experience with the people who are willing or trying to join yoga for the rest of their life.”

About Divyaa yoga institute
Divyaa yoga institute is a leading international yoga school in Ghaziabad, that provides several yoga programs that include yoga workshops, group yoga classes, corporate yoga classes, private yoga classes, and stress management & spiritual classes in Ghaziabad.

If you are interested in yoga whether you have experience or not and want to take yoga as your profession then Divyaa yoga institute is the right place for your goal. They will give shape to your interest and develop your yoga skills in order to make you a professional yoga trainer. They offer courses like yoga for better living certification courses of 21 days, meditation certificate course, and 200 hour yoga teacher training course that we have talked about above. Join today if you have a spark in you, they will show you the path to a better life in yoga.

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Bella Garvin


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Country State City Dropdown list in PHP MySQL PHP

Here, i will show you how to populate country state city in dropdown list in php mysql using ajax.

Country State City Dropdown List in PHP using Ajax

You can use the below given steps to retrieve and display country, state and city in dropdown list in PHP MySQL database using jQuery ajax onchange:

  • Step 1: Create Country State City Table
  • Step 2: Insert Data Into Country State City Table
  • Step 3: Create DB Connection PHP File
  • Step 4: Create Html Form For Display Country, State and City Dropdown
  • Step 5: Get States by Selected Country from MySQL Database in Dropdown List using PHP script
  • Step 6: Get Cities by Selected State from MySQL Database in DropDown List using PHP script

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