Why Developers Use React Native and Django Together

Why Developers Use React Native and Django Together

React Native and Django are well-established and supported by a massive community of users and advocates. Here's why.

Understanding React Native as a Frontend Tool

React Native is a JavaScript library used to develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

React Native combines the advantages of native development with React and its best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces. You can use React Native to build Android and iOS projects. For a beginner who knows React, it is very easy to learn React Native.

React Native primitives render to native platform UI, which means your app uses the same native platform APIs that other apps do.

There are two possible approaches to using modern JavaScript frameworks – client-side rendering, where the browser downloads the code and renders the UI, or server-side rendering, where the UI is rendered on the backend.

The main difference between JavaScript solutions (such as React.js) and older technologies is that JS requires a significant amount of logic and document manipulation, as if it was not server-rendered at all.

The React Native library is pretty similar to the React library, apart from the fact that React Native comes with a native components library that is used for mobile development.

React Native distinguishes itself from other popular JavaScript frameworks when it comes to flexibility. Not only can you grab a library and use it to display a simple page or a view, but you can also combine React Native with other tools and use it as a framework that will lay the foundation for a complex application.

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