Profile Card Design with HTML & CSS

/* insert google fonts */ @import url('|Titillium+Web&display=swap'); font-family: 'Titillium Web', sans-ser...

Responsive Menu Using HTML, CSS Grid & Javascript

In this video, we're going to build a responsive menu using Javascript, CSS Grid and CSS Flexbox. Subscribe me for more tutorials. --------------------------...

CSS Button Generator (Mini) using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn how to create a mini CSS Button generator just by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We will only cover some properties related to the button but you can use other properties to allow users to play around with different styles and designs.

Web Design Service in USA

Looking for designers for your business website design? We at Data EximIT offer our best **[web designing services in the USA]( "web designing services in the USA")** with the aim of craft your website more...

Responsive Web Design using HTML and CSS

Learn how to make responsive web design using HTML and CSS. It is essential for a developer to create web-pages that are responsive on all devices, i.e., they fit as per the device’s size. Responsive web-pages automatically adjust themselves as per the different devices and viewports. HTML and CSS can be used to hide, shrink, enlarge, etc. a web-page so that it looks attractive on all devices. Let us see how to make responsive web design using HTML and CSS.