Javascript Circular Slider

Javascript Circular Slider

Javascript Circular Slider. Contribute to MougLee/circular-slider development by creating an account on GitHub.

Live Demo

You can see live demo here


  • multiple sliders inside one container (see demo image above)
  • min/max value with step size specified
  • releasing slider handler before reaching the step value will automatically complete the step
  • value change callback reports current value dynamically based on the slider's position
  • setting the value by dragging the handler or by tapping the spot on the slider


Just add a link to the css file in your <head>:

<!-- Add the circular-slider.css styles (load it from lib folder) -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""/>

Then, before your closing <body> tag add javascript file from the dist folder:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/dist/circular-slider.min.js"></script>

Package Managers

You still need to import css files

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""/>
# Bower
bower install --save @mougli/circular-slider


npm install @mougli/circular-slider

Once you install/add the files the files, you can instantiate the slider:

const options = {container: 'slider', color: "#5d3b6d", max: 100, min: 0, step: 1, radius: 190, valueChange: val => console.log("Value changed: " + val)};
const slider = new CircularSlider(options);

// read current value console.log(slider.currentValue);

//set step programmatically slider.stepNo = 25;


function(newValue) {

// or as lambda function const valueChange = newVal => console.log(newVal);

Important! Please note that radius is relative to the container size - 200 is maximum and means 100% of the container. The slider will adjust the to the size of the container automatically. Radius 200 means slider will be touching the boundaries.

Browser support

Slider is responsive/mobile friendly and works on IE9+ in addition to other modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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