Getting Started with IoT Wearables and MQTT

Getting Started with IoT Wearables and MQTT

How to make your own internet connected t-shirt with LEDs that respond to realtime data As a developer advocate I get to make all kind of fun ...

As a developer advocate I get to make all kind of fun projects. I particularly like to make wearable technology, specifically, things with lots of lights on that can connect to the internet. Because I like to be sparkly! I started making wearable tech projects a couple of years ago, my first being a light up, tweet controlled wedding dress. When I started working with hardware, I had no real clue what I was doing and made a few very silly mistakes around choices of hardware and how to stick them all together, My hope for this blog is to give a little direction to those who are looking to get into hardware projects and to help you over that initial ‘hardware is scary’ hurdle.

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If you’ve been following the development of the Arduino IoT Cloud closely, you have probably noticed that over the months the Dashboard features have been progressing by leaps and bounds. Sure, behind the scenes there’s work being done every day, but our users need and want features that better help them manage their connected devices.