Multiple Linear Regression Python 101

Multiple Linear Regression Python 101

Step-by-step guide for data preparation and predictive modeling. This post offers a practical workflow, guide, and example code of one approach that builds on CRISP-DM.

Starting out building your first multiple linear regression predictive model using Python can feel daunting! This post offers a practical workflow, guide, and example code of one approach that builds on CRISP-DM. I hope you’ll find it useful and welcome your comments.

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Lets begin our machine learning journey. A Deep Dive into Linear Regression. Why is this not learning? Because if you change the training data or environment even slightly, the algorithm will go haywire! Not how learning works in humans. If you learned to play a video game by looking straight at the screen, you would still be a good player if the screen is slightly tilted by someone, which would not be the case in ML algorithms.

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