Why CircleCI is Best for CI CD Continuous Integration & Delivery in 2021

Why CircleCI is Best for CI CD Continuous Integration and Delivery in 2021 (CircleCI vs Jenkins)

Instead of adding in third party extensions via a plugin system, CircleCI just builds them right into the core coding to clean up the process and improve the user experience to make it less janky and buggy.

It goes one further by sporting integrated communications that can easily talk to other third-party services like GitHub, AWS, GCP and Kubernetes. The main advantage however is that instead of setting aside resources to get your own particular flavour of in-house Jenkins to work as it should with the plugins, CircleCI has sharable orbs – which are pretty much packages of a certain type of CircleCI configuration. Odds are that someone, somewhere, has tried to do exactly what you want to do and has a cheat sheet for it – so to speak.

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00:00 - Intro
01:48 - Continuous Integration and Delivery Terms
02:46 - What is CircleCI
04:57 - What is CircleCL used for
06:53 - The process behind CircleCI
08:31 - CircleCI pros
10:09 - CircleCI cons
11:05 - Who’s using CircleCI

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Why CircleCI is Best for CI CD Continuous Integration & Delivery in 2021