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AWS Serverless design for IoT

This IoT walk-through lab will show you how to send IoT data from your ESP8266 or ESP32 device, through AWS API Gateway, to Lambda, to a data lake in S3, and finally design a static web page for IoT data visualization.

Azure IoT Tutorial | Microsoft Azure IoT | Azure Tutorial

Azure IoT session will introduce you to the Internet of things and tell you how to use it on Azure Cloud Platform.

Learn Internet Of Things On Cloud | AWS IoT | Azure IoT For Beginners

IOT or the Internet of Things on Cloud will introduce you to implementation of IoT on Cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. We will see how cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure provide variety of IoT Cloud services to implement IoT on top of these Cloud platforms. This video is a good starter for individual wanting to implement IoT with Cloud Computing.

What Are The Benefits of AWS and Microsoft Azure ?

Best Institute in India for Microsoft Azure Online Training Course and Certification program. Learn on live projects and avail up to 50% discount. Enroll now!