Data Validation: Key Solution for Big Data Management Challenges

In this article, we will go over key statistics highlighting the main data validation issues that currently impact big data companies.

Apache Solr Search Engine and Architecture

Complete Guide to Apache Solr Architecture and search engine Components, Features and Apache SolrCloud Implementation on AWS and azure

Test-Driven Development for Big Data and Apache Spark

How to implement Apache Kafka, Apache Spark Structured streaming unit testing with Scala, Python and Java for implementing data pipelines

Data Science vs Data Analytics vs Big Data

When we talk about data processing, Data Science vs Big Data vs Data Analytics are the terms that one might think of and there has always been a confusion between them. In this article on Data science vs Big Data vs Data Analytics, I will understand the similarities and differences between them

Big Data Tutorial - Big Data Cluster Administration

Big Data Tutorial - Big Data Cluster Administration: In SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters, we ensure that management services embedded with the platform provide fast scale and upgrade operations, automatic logs and metrics collection, enterprise grade secure access and high availability. In this video we will provide an overview of these administration experiences for Big Data Clusters.