Top 3 Free Deep Learning Courses in 2020

Top 3 Free Deep Learning Courses in 2020

A list of some of the best high-quality resources you can find online to learn Deep Learning for free

#1 Fastai Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2020

On 21 of August 2020, fastai released the new version of the fastai library and of their Deep Learning course!

This is my #1 recommendation for anyone wanting to start with practical Deep Learning. Fastai top-down teaching approach allows you to start applying your knowledge on real-world problems since day 1 and gradually dive into the details. Furthermore, you will learn to use the fastai library that is a very powerful tool to increase your productivity in all your Deep Learning projects!

#2 Deep Learning Specialization

The online courses on Coursera are not free. However, all the course videos are freely available on YouTube!

Additionally, you can get further inspiration from these interviews with top Deep Learning researchers: Heroes of Deep Learning

These courses give you a good overview of Deep Learning, covering important topics with some depth but explained in a simple way by Andrew Ng. I would recommend watching these playlists after completing fastai course.

#3 MIT Deep Learning Courses

MIT courses are another great resource! If you want to go even deeper into your Deep Learning studies online, consider the following playlists.

If you watched the previous two courses these ones may give you complimentary information and additional perspective on some topics not covered before.

towards-data-science deep-learning data-science tutorial artificial-intelligence

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