Loma  Baumbach

Loma Baumbach


How to Set Up Path Resolving in Vite

Path resolving is great, as it helps with avoiding ugly …/…/…/ imports. Find out how to set up alias path resolving with Vite.

Some time ago I have tried to use Vite for some of my tutorial projects. After setting up a project with Vite and creating a new component, I tried to import it the usual way I would do it when working with projects scaffolded with Vue-CLI, with the @ sign that resolves to the src directory. To my surprise, it did not work and I was welcome with this error:

Failed to resolve import error

It turns out that Vite does not have src path resolving by default. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to configure it.

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How to Set Up Path Resolving in Vite
Verdie  Murray

Verdie Murray


How to Setup Multiple Pages with VITE Application in React (4 Minutes)

This lesson quickly demonstrates how to add multiple pages to a #VITE application 🌹.  This essentially means you get a multi page app without adding any specific routing library 

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Things To Know Before Playing A Chess Game

If you love the clash of titans or other thrilling games, a chess game can resemble you all. You can take part in a chess game as per your interest without even waiting for the consent of anyone. Not only it can augment your ability of taking decisions but it will also boost your overall development. Playing chess incorporates loads of benefits however you should still keep a few things in mind before taking part in your favorite chess game.

It can enable a mix of brilliance and intelligence

Playing chess can increase your ability of mind by forcing it to think a lot. From building a huge concentration to augmented intelligence, you can get all by only taking part in your beloved chess game with the help of antique chess sets for sale in the market. It is a game that can be played inside your home or office, and you can also consider it playing without one partner. If you don’t have anyone available to play with you, computer and mobile devices might be your favorite companion.

Does playing chess can make you crazy?

Those who take part in mental games like chess face a higher level of mental exhaustion. It is true but we can’t say it craziness. If you find it crazy about these chess games then it would be most probably before the game. This game can consume lots of minds, and it will require lots of whereabouts that will help you do well in the game without facing further defeats.

It can enable different cognitive benefits

The games like chess require lots of mental balance and huge freeness of mind so that you can think a lot when going ahead with any move at a chess set in wooden box. It is a silent war zone with no blood where you need to keep your eye on the moves of the opponent and to play accordingly to do well in the game. By playing your favorite chess game, you can also experience different cognitive benefits without facing any frills in your everyday life.

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Nandini roy

Nandini roy


Blogger Advanced SEO Settings for beginners

Without proper SEO it will take more time to rank your blog posts and drive organic traffic from Google Search Results. If you have started a blog on Google Blogger and want to enable Blogger Advanced SEO settings, then stay with me till the end of this guide.

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Wanda  Huel

Wanda Huel


Python Set


A set is a collection of unique items that are unordered and unindexed. This means that there are no duplicates and cannot access items as you would a list or dictionary. Once you add an item into the set it cannot be changed but you can remove and add a new item.

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Osiki  Douglas

Osiki Douglas


So You've Fucked up your Python Path

I remember back to when I first learned Python. It was a strange decision for a happily employed post-graduate to make, especially for a time when many were screaming for the death of the language with Guido’s (outrageous?) grand reveal of Python 3. The Ruby on Rails guys seemed to be doing just fine. Those were the days.

After weeks of sweating over a keyboard in the basement of an illegal Bedstuy hostel, I had finally set out what I had hoped to achieve. It was the greatest credential any programmer could possibly strive for: yes ladies and gentlemen, none other than yours truly became an officially recognized licensed professional: I had just completed the last Python course in Codecademy.

Congratulations, you know nothing

Armed with this new unfathomable knowledge, I was ready to take on the world. I did have a few gaps in my knowledge, such as:

  • Experience with Linux
  • General idea of what a terminal is and why anybody would use one
  • Basic understanding of the internet
  • Motor skills needed to survive

That aside, I was determined. Nothing could stop me, which turns out to be a really bad attitude when you’re SSHed into a VPS with root access, and zero hesitation to wreak havoc upon any and all system files. You see where this is going.

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