Introduction to Azure Functions using Terraform

Introduction to Azure Functions using Terraform

In this article, Introduction to Azure Functions using Terraform. I will provide a quick introduction to Azure Functions and Terraform with a hands-on example which is quite easy to follow.


In this article I will provide a quick introduction to Azure Functions and Terraform with a hands-on example which is quite easy to follow.

There are many articles out there about Azure Functions, but most fails to explain how to automate their deployment for a real world scenario using CI/CD pipelines.

This article will not get into the details of creating a a specific CI/CD pipeline, but instead focus on automating the infrastructure and code needed to deploy a Function App in Azure using a simple example. Commands will be provided so you can use this code to easily integrate with any CI/CD tools such Azure DevOps or Jenkins.

We will start by giving a very quick introduction to Azure Functions and Terraform and then move to a hand-on exercise. Note that we won’t have time to cover all the concepts about Terraform but I will provide some links as a reference.

Azure Functions

Azure Functions are the Serverless event driven compute service in Azure, similar to  AWS Lambda. This is also know as Function as a Service or Faas. In short, Serverless is anything that executes business logic that does not require any Server. This removes the Operational aspect of DevOps.

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