The C++20 Standard Library: Beyond Ranges

The C++20 Standard Library: Beyond Ranges

C++20 has a large number of new library features. This survey course provides students with a broad overview of the changes and new facilities in the C++20 standard library.

Ranges are briefly discussed, but the focus is on the myriad of other standard library changes targeted at C++20. These include expanded chrono support, concepts library, string output formatting, span, flat_map, contains on associative containers, heterogeneous lookup on associative containers, uniform container erasure, u8string and u8string_view, bit manipulation facilities, functions and types to support relational comparisons, sync_buf and osync_stream, and threading primitives such as atomic_ref.

The tutorial will be up to date with the latest working draft following the Kona meeting and will include pointers to current implementations as well as the state of compiler support.

Chock full of example codes, this tutorial will focus on practical application of the new c++20 standard library facilities.

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