Xamarin.Forms Shell Quick Tip - Modal Navigation

Xamarin.Forms Shell Quick Tip - Modal Navigation

Control exactly how your pages are displayed when navigating leveraging the PresentationMode built into Xamarin Today, I want to talk about a common feature of navigation where a new page pops up over the current page.

In the Shell quick tip series we explored navigation features of Shell including passing data and going back easily. Today, I want to talk about a common feature of navigation where a new page pops up over the current page. This is different than traditional navigation where a page is pushed onto the stack. A modal page requires the user to perform an action to close the page such as tapping a close button or completing registration. With Xamarin.Forms Shell we can easily navigate using modal pages with a specific property

Presentation mode

Xamarin.Forms Shell handles all navigation styles through a property called PresentationMode. You can use it to perform modal navigation with or without animations. Additionally, you can use it with non-modal navigation to control how pages are pushed onto the stack. The mode I prefer to use is ModalAnimated to get that nice slide up from the bottom effect.


This property goes directly into the Content page top element of your page:

<ContentPage xmlns="http://xamarin.com/schemas/2014/forms"

You are also able to set it directly in the code behind if you are using C## markup for your user interface.

Shell.SetPresentationMode(this, PresentationMode.ModalAnimated);

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