What to Expect at a Virtual DevOps World 2020

What to Expect at a Virtual DevOps World 2020

The DevOps World conference is coming up on September 22-24. Take a look at what this year's conference has to offer in a new, virtual format.

If you’ve always wanted to attend a DevOps World conference but couldn’t wrangle time out of your schedule to travel, you’re in luck. The 2020 conference is taking place as a virtual event. That means you can take advantage of all the exciting activities DevOps World has to offer – without having to get on a plane.

DevOps World 2020 is happening September 22-24. You can watch the keynotes, participate in break-out sessions, network with attendees, visit the virtual sponsor booths, attend demos and gain certifications – all from (it's raining right now, the kids are in there), your kitchen table. And, aside from a handful of training sessions, it’s all free.

We’ll all miss out on the side benefits of spending a few days in Vegas – the excitement, the Strip, the Elvis impersonators. (Not everyone considers those to be benefits; let's not go there.) But we won’t miss out on what really makes DevOps World special – the chance to share best practices, develop hands-on experience and forge new connections with people from across the DevOps universe.

The theme of DevOps World 2020 is “Transforming the Future of Software Delivery.” This is particularly applicable during the pandemic. Businesses, schools, government offices and homes have all had to create virtual operations on the fly. The importance of good, functional, easy-to-use software has never been more apparent – and it will continue to grow.

To enable a more efficient, more connected world, organizations have to transform the way they deliver software. DevOps World 2020 will focus on how they can energize their DevOps functions and better align them with overall business goals.

What can you find at a virtual DevOps World?

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