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How to Change Postgresql Column Name

In PostgreSQL, while performing operations, you need to create relations. After the creation of the tables, you may want to edit the attributes you have provided. One of the examples is to modify the column name of the table. The column name can be changed in PostgreSQL by using the “ALTER” command on the table.


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How to Change Postgresql Column Name
Trace  Hoeger

Trace Hoeger


How to Change Postgresql Column Name

In PostgreSQL, while performing operations, you need to create relations. After the creation of the tables, you may want to edit the attributes you have provided. One of the examples is to modify the column name of the table. The column name can be changed in PostgreSQL by using the “ALTER” command on the table.


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18885970064 | Minecraft Password Reset | Change Minecraft Username | Change Minecraft Name

How to recover Minecraft account How to recover Minecraft account
Minecraft is a top-rated game where you can benefit significantly if you have a premium account by accessing servers and straightforwardly playing with your friends.

But maybe you haven’t used your account for a long time, or you’ve forgotten your password, and you want to know how to recover your Minecraft account.

Here we have created a complete guide so that you can regain access to it in any way since there are many mechanisms to do so, and here we are going to show you all of them.

Did you identify me with an email address or my username?
In Minecraft, there are two types of accounts, one granted by Minecraft itself and another by Mojang:

All Minecraft accounts created after Fall 2012, or those that were migrated from the old format to the Mojang platform, use an email to identify themselves.

While the old accounts that users have not migrated continue to use the username to enter.

You must know what type of accounts you have to know how to continue with this tutorial.

What if I lost my password?
If you have lost your password because you do not remember where you wrote it down, or it was stolen (that is, your password was changed), there is a way to recover it quickly:

If old accounts have not been migrated (those that use a username to enter), you must visit the site to migrate accounts to Mojang.

Migrate account to Mojang Migrate account to Mojang

The steps are the following:

  1. We enter the email of our account

  2. We enter the username of our account

  3. We enter the password of our account

  4. We enter the new email for our new account

  5. We re-enter the new email for our new account

  6. We put our date of birth

  7. We accept the terms and conditions by checking the box

  8. We click on the migrate account button

If we want to recover the account with the lost password, we have to go to the following page:

Recover Minecraft Password Recover Minecraft Password

Where we enter our email as indicated, and then we click the request button.

The steps are straightforward from here since we are sent to the address of our account (which must be transparent). All the steps to change it and continue enjoying the game.

What happens if I don’t remember my email address?
If we already have our Mojang account migrated, there is a little trick if we forget which of all our mailboxes is the one we use to register.

We go to the same address to recover the password, and we begin to test all the email addresses that we know to reset our password. Finally, we will get where we have registered.

I don’t remember what my username was like
Just log in to the Mojang-type Minecraft account, and we’ll see the username within the game, either on the account page on the site or in the Minecraft client before launching the game.

I’m still having trouble getting my account back.
You can leave us a comment below, and we will try to help you as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we are not Mojang and our advice goes as far as what any user can do.

We also recommend that you contact the team behind Minecraft to help you with their support system, which you can write to here.

Contact Minecraft to recover lost account Contact Minecraft to recover a lost account.

It is entirely in Spanish, so you will have no problem completing the required information (marked with a red asterisk) and some others that will help make the process easier for them and you.

Command for Minecraft when I forgot the password. Change the password on the Minecraft server through your account and on the client. Password requirements
Minecraft: infinite cubic meters. Walk do not cross. The most cherished dream of any gamer is a true fan of sandbox games. And the progress of development in it captures and the extraction of valuable wealth resources and the manufacture of various items and battles with mobs. And then no kidding, these are just the main points. A large, thick book can be dedicated to all the delights of Minecraft.

On forums, blogs, YouTube video reviews, players compete to show off their Minecraft achievements: “Look what I built!”, “This is how I earned this location!”, “Look what I found!” “Do you know those crafting recipes??!”

For some reason, that’s it. Oh yeah, all these virtual Minecraft honors, medals, and treasures can be lost in an instant! And it’s not because you didn’t get by with the game, climbed somewhere in the wrong place, or someone “squeezed” you hard … It’s all so much sadder and easier! And because you came up with a simple password, and on the server, someone picked it up, knowing your username. Or maybe the password was complicated because some kind of virus stole it. And that’s it, goodbye, your hero passed at the disposal of another player. You understand what the consequences of this situation can be. In short, nothing good.

So, to be safe from these misfortunes, read this article. From it, you will learn how to change your password offline and directly on the server, what to do if you have forgotten it, which login key is more resistant to hacking.

  1. Do not use the “most popular” combinations on the Internet: qwerty, 12345, abcdefg, myparol. Attackers can manually pick them up within 5 minutes and consequently take over the account in a treacherous way.

  2. Avoid minor keys. The optimal password length is 10-16 characters.

  3. Alternate numbers, special characters, and English letters (lowercase and uppercase) in a symbolic sequence.

  4. When registering and changing the password, do not specify the combination you use to access another online service (for example, VKontakte). You risk losing two accounts at once if your key is stolen.

The password change can be done during the game.

  1. Make sure the English keyboard layout is enabled. Press the “/” key to open the console.

  2. To change the password in Minecraft, enter the command:

/ change password (old password) (new)

Attention! Symbolic keys do not need to be in parentheses when entering a command.

If the operation were successful, a message would appear on the console about its successful completion. You can now enter the game using the new authorization data.

If you don’t remember the token key you used to log in, contact the technical support of the server you are playing on with a request to restore access. Or use the particular reset function in the service office. For example, you can change the password on the website on the Rus-Minecraft portal:

Official site

  1. On the login panel, in the error message block, click the link “Forgot your password?” (I forget… ?).

  2. In the “Email” line, enter the email address that you specified in the process of creating your account.

  3. Click the “Request password reset” button.

  4. Go to email, open message from Mojang (game developer) service.

  5. On the page that opens in the browser, enter the new symbolic combination 2 times for authorization.

  6. Click “Reset Password.”

The procedure is complete. Now you can go to your profile on

And you need to change the password of in the Mojang office. To complete this procedure:

  1. In the “Account details” option block, on the “Password…” line, click the “Edit” command.

  2. Enter a new password in the “New…” and “Repeat” fields.

  3. In the line "Current… " enter the current password.

Change your Minecraft profile password about once every 1-2 months. Exciting game and, most importantly, safe!

Without constant access to high-speed Internet in the modern world, it is essential to be connected to the Internet through your computer or phone at home or work. But if there is a router and wifi in the room where you are, you cannot connect because you do not know the password and cannot ask anyone. There are several ways to find out your wifi password if you forgot it or cannot connect for other reasons. In this article, we will look at the main ways to solve this problem in this situation.

So, we will tell you how to remember your Internet password on the Windows system, starting with seven and above and how to view the password of all networks that have been saved on the device.

We will also tell you what to do in a situation if a device (phone, tablet, computer) has Internet, but you need to connect to another device, and the password is lost or forgotten. And we will tell you how to find out your password if you have a router handy.

Router password
This method of viewing the password from wifi can be helpful if you remember exactly that you did not change the standard password as soon as you bought and connected the router. Also, the standard password of the router is often left for the Internet, which is connected in a rented apartment. This is done so that the next tenant can easily connect to the Internet, and the landlord does not have to explain the password.

Therefore, if you drove to a new apartment and the landlord did not tell you the Internet pin, first try to find the password on the router. It is worth noting that not all routers have a written password; this works mainly with the newer models.

Usually, the PIN code by which you can connect to the router consists of 8 digits. They are printed on the back of the router on a label that also contains information about the service and the serial number. Take a good look. There must be the word PIN on the label, followed by numbers.

Code saved on PC
If you have a laptop on hand with a saved password and the laptop connects to the Internet without any problem and does it automatically, you may have forgotten the password on this network a long time ago. But the time comes when you need to connect another device to the Internet: a purchased phone or a device from a friend or guest who has come to you and wants to use a wireless network. So not knowing the network password can become a real problem. But you can look at the code from the laptop. Different versions of Windows do this differently, so we give detailed instructions for each option.

Windows 10 y Windows 8
To understand how to find out the wi-fi password, you must be connected to it. Then do the following:

You now know your password and can connect other devices to the Internet using it.

In Windows 7
To view the password stored on the computer connected to Windows 7, you must do the following:

If the wireless network is not connected
In the methods of how to view the wi-fi password described by us above, it is assumed that you have a network connection from which you need a password, but if there is no connection, you can view the password through the command line.

If the password is not on the computer
Even if the password is not saved on your PC, but you can connect the computer directly to the router, there is a way to see the password.

This can happen if the computer crashes or you reinstall the Windows system, and now you don’t remember the password for your network that your computer was previously connected to. But you have physical access to the router.

To find out the password in this case, you need to connect the router to the computer via a cable. This is done through the router’s LAN connector, connected to the computer’s network card. When you are connected, you need to go to the settings of the router. You can log in using a standard password and login; it should be written on the back of your router.

If you were able to go to the router settings, you need to find the wireless settings. They are usually found in the wifi settings item and are called Wireless. It is in this configuration that you can see the password of the network that this router distributes.

However, this method has a drawback. During the initial configuration of the router, the password or login used to enter the configuration through the computer can be changed. Sometimes vendor tech support does this. Ordinary users rarely change something in factory settings when setting up a router.

Then, if you don’t know the new username or password, you won’t be able to enter the settings and see the network code. In this case, a factory reset is required. You can read about how to do this below.

Code saved in Android.
To view the network password that you have saved on your phone or tablet running on the Android system, you need to have root access to the device.

If you have such access, you should go to the data / misc / wifi folder. This can be done through ES Explorer, Root Explorer or another file manager installed on your phone. In the folder, you need to find the text file wpa_supplicant.conf. This file will record all the data about the networks you have connected to. Your password will be the psk parameter.

You can also download a program from the app store that will display the passwords for the stored networks on your phone. A similar program is wifi Password (ROOT), but many analogs are in the app store. You can choose what suits you best in this case.

Minecraft Password reset
If you have tried all the methods we described in the previous article, and you cannot figure out how to find out the wifi network password because none of the listed methods work, you will have to reset the password and set a new one. This will help, for example, if you cannot enter the router settings because someone changed your password. However, this only works if you have physical access to the router. That is, to reset the Internet password and set a new one, you must be the owner of the router and the network itself.

It is immediately worth noting that this method has a significant disadvantage. Find out in advance if your ISP uses unique settings to connect to the network. If you do, you will have to call the wizard again and configure the Internet yourself. Or you can do it yourself by following the instructions of the provider’s call center specialist.

To reset the password, you need to look at the back of the router, in which there are buttons with which you can control the router and ports for entering cables from the Internet. You should find the reset button; there will be a reset signature next to it in most cases.

This button can be pressed with a thin paper clip or needle and held down for about 10 seconds. If this method did not work, you need to hold down the button, turn off the router for about half a minute. All this time, you need to hold down the button. After that, while holding the reset button, you need to turn on the router and hold the reset button for about half a minute.

After that, all the settings that were on the router need to be reset. And the password of the router will now be the one written on the back of the router.

After resetting the settings, you need to reconnect the router to the network for everything to work. You can call the provider’s assistant or see how to connect the router in the instructions for it. But the last method works only if your provider doesn’t use unique settings.

As you can see, there are many ways to find out your wifi password, but they all work in different cases. Remember that you can always reset the settings as a last resort, but then you will have to reinstall it so that the router can distribute your Internet.

If you know more ways to view the password, you can write them in the comments so that other users can quickly solve your problem.

If this happens, you must immediately change the password. And then, we will tell you how to change the password in Minecraft on the server. By the way, this action is effortless in all multiplayer games. In our case, everything is the same, but with the peculiarities of changing the password, which can sometimes cause difficulties.

Frequently, users want to change their password because this combination of characters seems simple, and therefore they start to worry about the threat of a hack. This is what should be done, rather than waiting for the situation to get worse. It happens that players create very complex passwords that they cannot remember. And then they can’t log into their accounts. There is only one way out: change the password to a more memorable one. Therefore, you need to know how to change the access code, as well as based on what criteria to choose it.

How to enter a password correctly?
In no case should you use the combinations that have become so popular on the Internet (23456, myparols, ertyui)? Any expert cracker can quickly crack them and take over the account.

Use long keys, preferably long ones. The correct option is 10 to 16 characters.

A sequence of numbers, special characters, and English letters (uppercase and lowercase).

It is recommended not to take existing passwords that are used in other services. There is a risk of losing all accounts if your keys are stolen.

How do I change my server password in Minecraft?
There is the possibility of changing the password during the game. For this:

If the password used for authorization was lost, the player must contact the game server technical support to restore access. It is also possible to reset the data by going to the main Minecraft website.

Sometimes when logging into your account, an error appears identifying the data entered incorrectly. Now you have to reset the password:

  1. You must click on the inscription “Forgot your password?” Did you forget your password? It’s next to the login panel in the login error box.

  2. In the “Email” field, enter your current email address assigned to your account in the system.

  3. Click “Request password reset.”

  4. Open your inbox and find the email sent by Mojang (the game developer).

  5. In the letter, you need to click on the website address.

  6. A browser window will open in front of you, in which you will need to enter a new password twice.

  7. It remains to click “Reset password.”

After graduation, you should take the opportunity to log into your account. By the way, to change the password for, you need to go to the Mojang resource. The steps should be followed as follows:

  1. Log in to

  2. Find “Account Details” and select “Edit” on the “Password” line.

  3. Enter a new password in the “New” and “Repeat” fields.

  4. In the “Current” line, enter the existing password.

  5. Click the “Save” button for the changes to take effect.

Based on general data, it is recommended to change passwords once every 1-2 months to maintain confidentiality. Minecraft account. Write in the comments your impressions, problems encountered and share the information received with your friends. Rate the news! Thanks!

We are waiting for your comments, do not hesitate to write us!

Account protection in multiplayer games cannot be achieved by any particular means. Most of the time, a password is used for these purposes, which the user thinks for himself so that he can then enter it and enter the game. Naturally, you need to remember this password, but at the same time, not tell anyone so that your account remains yours and no one can access it. If this still happened, that is, you found some evidence that someone else was using your account, you should contact the administration. Accounts are protected precisely according to this principle in all games, including the popular Minecraft sandbox. However, this game has its peculiarities when it comes to password change.

Reasons to change your password.
To get started, consider the most common reasons for changing your password. After all, if you understand that your password, in principle, suits you, you will not have to look for an answer to the question of how to change the password in Minecraft. Most of the time, a password change happens because the user has specified too simple a combination of characters, and therefore they are concerned that they could be easily hacked. It is better to act immediately if you understand that your account may be in jeopardy than to wait until this probability becomes a reality. However, there are also opposite situations: for security reasons, the user sets too complex a password and cannot remember it in any way. Even if you store this password on a piece of paper in front of the computer, it is not very convenient to enter a complex set of characters in the required field each time. Therefore, users prefer to change the password for a simpler one so as not to suffer. And then, the question of how to change the password in Minecraft becomes relevant.

Using the console
The password in this game can only be changed one way: using the game console. In many games, it is called a tilde, but here things are a bit different. If you want to find out how to change the password in “Minecraft,” you will have to go to the game and press not the checkmark but the bar. The difference is slight, but this can be a problem for those used to the standard hotkey. After the console line appears, you must enter the command “password,” which triggers the password change. Then you need to write the old character set with which you previously entered the game and then the new one; with your help, you will later activate your account. Now you know how to change password in Minecraft, but even with such a simple action,

Password verification error
When you change your password, you may receive an error that prevents you from entering the game. This can be a real problem, as you have most likely entered the wrong password. Maybe you made a mistake in a symbol, and it will be a real salvation for you if you made a mistake while trying to enter the game. Since if this happened at the password change stage, you will not be able to find out the entered character set. Also, you will not be able to change the password again as you will have to enter the old value that you do not know. As a result, you will need to contact the administration, so there are even unspoken rules on how to enter a password in Minecraft and other games. You need to check your password several times, make sure you remember it correctly, write it down, or even take a photo. What’s more, During registration, there are often two fields to enter a password for you to type the values ​​twice, and if you make a mistake in one field and type the password correctly in the other, the system will inform you about it. But let’s get back to how to change the password in Minecraft on the server if you can’t do it yourself.

Appeal to the administration
It is always a good idea to solve password problems yourself, as it is not the most challenging task. Asking administrators to change their password is inconvenient - they have many other more complex and essential tasks to think about. But if an emergency occurs, you can contact the administration, explain your situation and request a password change. Naturally, this will take much longer since the moderators will not receive your request immediately. They will have to process it, fulfill your wishes, and only then will you be able to log into the server again.

Additional funds
For those who are incredibly forgetful, there are particular additional fields in which you can select a secret question and type in an answer. You choose one for which only you can know the answer.

Too complex or straightforward combination to enter Minecraft often causes discomfort and inconvenience for the player, which is essential for those who have no idea how to change password in Minecraft.

Because it is necessary
There are many reasons to change the secret combination, the most popular of which are:
The user didn’t bother and initially created an easy password that would make it easy for an advanced hacker to hack into an account. If you suddenly realize that your account is in danger, you should immediately change the combination and protect yourself from trouble.

The player came up with a long password and couldn’t remember it. And even if you keep it written on a piece of paper, it is highly inconvenient to enter a massive list of letters and signs every day. In this case, it is better to change the password to a complex but memorable one.

How to make a change
The change procedure is quite simple:
Log in to the game with your old password.

Press the “/” symbol on the keyboard, while the English layout must be enabled.

A line will appear on the monitor where you must enter: “/ password.” The old and new passwords are your old and new passwords. Password characters must be entered with a space between them. Exclude unnecessary characters as well as " signs.

After entering all the required values, press the “Enter” key on the keyboard.

The user will be notified of the successful password change in Minecraft with the corresponding message.

If the procedure fails on the first try, try again. If you have any difficulties, use the help of the service administrator. Be prepared for the fact that the answer will have to wait.

The process of changing the password is simple. Still, to not forget it or give a reason for scammers to hack into your account due to too simple a combination, you need to approach the task with full responsibility.

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PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 4 – PgBouncer vs. Pgpool-II

In our previous posts in this series, we spoke at length about using PgBouncer  and Pgpool-II , the connection pool architecture and pros and cons of leveraging one for your PostgreSQL deployment. In our final post, we will put them head-to-head in a detailed feature comparison and compare the results of PgBouncer vs. Pgpool-II performance for your PostgreSQL hosting !

The bottom line – Pgpool-II is a great tool if you need load-balancing and high availability. Connection pooling is almost a bonus you get alongside. PgBouncer does only one thing, but does it really well. If the objective is to limit the number of connections and reduce resource consumption, PgBouncer wins hands down.

It is also perfectly fine to use both PgBouncer and Pgpool-II in a chain – you can have a PgBouncer to provide connection pooling, which talks to a Pgpool-II instance that provides high availability and load balancing. This gives you the best of both worlds!

Using PgBouncer with Pgpool-II - Connection Pooling Diagram

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 4 – PgBouncer vs. Pgpool-II


Performance Testing

While PgBouncer may seem to be the better option in theory, theory can often be misleading. So, we pitted the two connection poolers head-to-head, using the standard pgbench tool, to see which one provides better transactions per second throughput through a benchmark test. For good measure, we ran the same tests without a connection pooler too.

Testing Conditions

All of the PostgreSQL benchmark tests were run under the following conditions:

  1. Initialized pgbench using a scale factor of 100.
  2. Disabled auto-vacuuming on the PostgreSQL instance to prevent interference.
  3. No other workload was working at the time.
  4. Used the default pgbench script to run the tests.
  5. Used default settings for both PgBouncer and Pgpool-II, except max_children*. All PostgreSQL limits were also set to their defaults.
  6. All tests ran as a single thread, on a single-CPU, 2-core machine, for a duration of 5 minutes.
  7. Forced pgbench to create a new connection for each transaction using the -C option. This emulates modern web application workloads and is the whole reason to use a pooler!

We ran each iteration for 5 minutes to ensure any noise averaged out. Here is how the middleware was installed:

  • For PgBouncer, we installed it on the same box as the PostgreSQL server(s). This is the configuration we use in our managed PostgreSQL clusters. Since PgBouncer is a very light-weight process, installing it on the box has no impact on overall performance.
  • For Pgpool-II, we tested both when the Pgpool-II instance was installed on the same machine as PostgreSQL (on box column), and when it was installed on a different machine (off box column). As expected, the performance is much better when Pgpool-II is off the box as it doesn’t have to compete with the PostgreSQL server for resources.

Throughput Benchmark

Here are the transactions per second (TPS) results for each scenario across a range of number of clients:

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Paula Hall


How to add a new column to Pandas DataFrame?

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss different ways to add a new column to pandas data frame.

Table of Contents

What is a pandas data frame?

Pandas data frameis a two-dimensional heterogeneous data structure that stores the data in a tabular form with labeled indexes i.e. rows and columns.

Usually, data frames are used when we have to deal with a large dataset, then we can simply see the summary of that large dataset by loading it into a pandas data frame and see the summary of the data frame.

In the real-world scenario, a pandas data frame is created by loading the datasets from an existing CSV file, Excel file, etc.

But pandas data frame can be also created from the listdictionary, list of lists, list of dictionaries, dictionary of ndarray/lists, etc. Before we start discussing how to add a new column to an existing data frame we require a pandas data frame.

#pandas #dataframe #pandas dataframe #column #add a new column #how to add a new column to pandas dataframe

Wasswa  Meagan

Wasswa Meagan


How to Change PostgreSQL Table and Add A Column

In this guide, we will look at how to alter a PostgreSQL table and add a column.