How To Add Clickable Links in Whatsapp Status (Updated Method)

How To Add Clickable Links in Whatsapp Status (Updated Method)

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Hello friends, welcome to the fresh article, Recently Instagram and Snapchat added the latest feature to their Story that lets users can add an external link on the there story. these amazing features are extremely useful & one wonders why it was missing for such a long time.

Whatever, forget about Instagram and Snapchat, let’s talk about our beloved WhatsApp now allows officially adding links in the Status, The WhatsApp rolled out the Text-only status feature to versions above this 2.17.297, well, and the URL feature is one part of that. user can create or add links to Text-Only status updates & not to the regular status update.


Here I will tell you how to do it on your Whatsapp:

  • First Open WhatsApp and go to the > Status table.
  • Click the floating Pencil icon at the top bottom.
  • Here You Enter you’re any URL where it says, “write a status”. There You can change the background color and font of the text by using the icons present at the bottom.
  • And then click the Send button (Green floating icon).

Now you view status with a link, just click the link and you will get a preview of the URL or link. Click the link preview to open it in any browser on your phone.

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add clickable links in whatsapp status

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