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๐ŸฎWelcome to Fwar Finance Global Community


Participate in our Airdrop to earn 300 FWT for doing tasks.

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Fwar Finance is listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

Airdrop rewards will be distributed on February 13th and 3,000 lucky random participants will be rewarded.

Referral rewards:
Top 1: 3,000 FWT
Top 2-10: 2,000 FWT
Top 11-50: 1,000 FWT
Top 51-100: 400 FWT
Top101-200: 300 FWT

โ“ Frequently Asked Questions about Airdrop

Can I refer others to join this airdrop and receive rewards?

Yes. By using your referral link and inviting your friends to join our airdrop, The top 200 referrals can each get more FWT tokens. Please note that the referred person is required to complete the mandatory tasks at least and submit his/her details to the bot.

โ”When do I receive the airdrop rewards?

Airdrop rewards will be distributed on February 13th and 3,000 lucky random participants will be rewarded.

About Fwar Finance: 
Fwar Finance is a decentralized game platform powered by the Binance Smart Chain.



Token Details:

Network: Binance smart chain

Token name: Fwar Token

Symbol: FWT

Decimals: 18

Contract address: 0xce3e05e2dfce8673e08514615dd976754bb88b25

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Lisa joly


NEM FREE Airdrop Token, 1 XEM = 1 XEM + 1 XYM at 2021/01/14 04:00 AM (UTC).

NEM is launching the Symbol public blockchain. This is about the migration from NEM NIS1 to Symbol, including Opt-in, Snapshot, and your opportunity to participate in XYM. By opting-in, XEM holders will obtain an XYM balance equal to that of their XEM balance at the time of the Snapshot.

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Cryptocurrency trading is VERY risky. Make sure you understand these risks and that you are responsible for what you do with your money
๐Ÿ”ฅ If youโ€™re a beginner. I believe the article below will be useful to you โ˜ž What You Should Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency - For Beginner
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Lisa joly

Lisa joly


Big Data Salaries Guide 2021 - Who Earns How Much

Did you know that at present, India is one among the top 10 big data analytics markets in the world? According to a report titled โ€œBig Data Analytics Market โ€“ Future Scope in India,โ€ currently the Big Data Analytics market in India stands at $2 billion. It is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 26% by 2025 (reaching approximately $16 billion), thereby making India a 32% shareholder of the global Big Data Analytics market.

What then, can we infer from this?

The answer is simple โ€“ the Big Data job market in India is also growing by leaps and bounds. The Quant Crunch Report maintains that by 2020, there will be over 2.7 million big data and analytics jobs open to qualified individuals, which is nearly 400,000 more job positions than now!

But thereโ€™s a catch โ€“ while the demand for Big Data professionals is increasing by the day, their supply is far from enough to fulfil all the job vacancies. In fact, out of the two-thirds of the Big Data skill requirement, only one-third are met.

Owing to the demand-supply paradox, most job positions in Big Data pay handsome salary packages. Almost all the job roles in this field require both advanced degrees and a certain level of expertise. And in the present scenario, this combination is pretty challenging to find. This is precisely the reason why companies are ready to pay high-end salaries to candidates with the right skill set. Most Big Data job roles compensate in the six-figure range and well above the average market pay scale.

Before we dive into Big Data salaries, letโ€™s look at the top ten high paying job positions in Big Data.

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Silly mistakes that can cost โ€˜Bigโ€™ in Big Data Analytics

Big Data has played a major role in defining the expansion of businesses of all kinds as it helps the companies to understand their audience and devise their business techniques in accordance with the requirement.

The importance of โ€˜Dataโ€™ has been spoken very highly in the modern-day business. Thus, while using big data analysis, the companies must keep away from these minor mistakes otherwise it could have a major impact on their performances. Big Data analysis can be the silver bullet that can answer your questions and help your business to scale newer heights.

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Big Data can be The โ€˜Bigโ€™ boon for The Modern Age Businesses

The rapid growth of technology has led to many people opting for online services, and thus the collection and maintenance of data becomes a significant factor for any company. Big data analytics service providers can help the companies get a massive edge over their competitors as they would manage the data well and allow the businesses to make better business decisions. It will provide you with a combination of increased customer experience, revenue, and reduced cost and thus will create a win-win situation for your business. Big data technologies will be your perfect ally in excelling in the cut-throat business environment and come out with flying colors.

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Gerhard  Brink

Gerhard Brink


Big Data Engineer Salary in India - How much does one Earn?

Today, we will be exploring the following topics in this blog, starting with an overview of Big Data and then eventually discussing the Big Data Engineering salaries in India.

The salary of a Big Data Engineer is incredibly higher than most job roles in the industry. However, various factors come into play while determining the salary. In this Big Data Engineer salary blog, we will discuss the salaries of these professionals working in India, especially some of the popular cities in India, and see how the salaries vary according to experience.

Learn how you can become a Big Data Engineer from Intellipaat:

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