Best Tiles Designs - Orientbell | Leading Tiles Seller in India

Best Tiles Designs - Orientbell | Leading Tiles Seller in India

Tiles Manufacturer & Seller - Orientbell offers premium floor tiles and wall tiles in different sizes in India. Check out our collection of tiles for interior and exterior spaces.

The Complete Guide to Kitchen Floor Tiles

You have to be doubly careful when you are choosing floor tiles for your kitchen. It is a place which is prone to spillage and is used a lot by the entire family. So you not just need to ensure that they look attractive but also look at other features like whether they are skid-free and stain-resistant, besides having the quality of keeping germs and mold away. Here is a complete guide for you to choose floor tiles, from its looks to functionality.

The basics

The kitchen flooring should of course be functional but then you have to worry about its looks too. Adding a few beautiful elements will work wonders. Thus if you want a kitchen flooring that is beautiful and functional then opting for tiles is a good option. Tiles are an ideal choice as they are available in a variety of colours, textures and styles to suit any decor and every need.

For your dream kitchen, opting for ceramic tiles is the best decision. The tiles are available in various shapes, colours, textures and designs. Within the ceramic tiles category, Orientbell offers many options, from unglazed to glazed finishes. Depending on your preference, style and budget, you can select the most suitable set of tiles. Ceramic tiles are extremely beneficial too.

Health benefits

There is an increase in awareness regarding health issues with the onset of the covid-19 pandemic and people are more careful about this aspect than ever before. Apart from food and exercise, the floor tiles can also address health concerns. Many flooring options have harmful pollutants that one cannot overlook. Ceramic tiles from Orientbell do not let bacteria, virus, microorganisms or mold to grow and are very safe options.

Ceramic tiles have no plastic content and thus impose no health or environmental issues associated with plastic material. They get cleaned very easily with a single swipe of wet cloth and no harsh chemicals are required for the purpose.

Low maintenance

The best aspect of tiles is that they require very little or no maintenance. The ceramic tiles are stain-resistant, water-resistant and scratch-resistant, besides having anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities. All this makes them sustainable. Ceramic tiles also don’t fade easily and won’t look worn out even after years of installation.

Cost effectiveness

At Orientbell, you will get the most durable ceramic tile options for your kitchen flooring that retain the timeless beauty and have the lowest life-cycle cost for any flooring. Ceramic tiles are cheaper to maintain and don’t require to be replaced frequently.

On the other hand, vinyl, wood, cork, marble and laminate are options that undergo heavy wear and tear. Therefore, they require either replacement or high maintenance. Ceramic tiles from Orientbell have a high level of longevity. It was for this reason that tiles have stood the test of time.


Safety is the prime concern while starting any construction. In kitchens, spillage of oil and water is common and this can lead to severe accidents. Bringing tiles with anti-slip features can protect you from falls and help avoid any accidents. Also, tiles have heat-resistant properties. Ceramic tiles can also be useful in case of fire as they don’t let the flames spread.

Try out different patterns

You can lay tiles on your kitchen floor in various patterns. We will give you an idea about that too, so that you can treat your floor as a blank canvas on which you can create new and interesting designs. Squares: This shape is the most commonly used in kitchen flooring You can get tiles in sizes such as 12 inch x 12 inch and 18 inch x 18 inch, besides some larger options.

The square tiles are the best option for high impact colours and textures that blend well with other designs and textures. If the square tiles are laid in a grid pattern, they create high impact. Illusions: illusions are the perfect choice if you decide to add extra impact in your kitchen. State-of-the-art design graphics use traditional square tiles to give the illusion of odd shapes with a mosaic quality.

Rectangles: This shape is fast gaining popularity. From small mosaics to large format tiles, rectangles are quite a popular choice. The tiles are used in subway pattern or grid or herringbone style to create the best look. Use a combination of colours or a single colour depending on what you prefer. Hexagons: Hexagonal tiles can add fun to your kitchen floor.

The traditional honeycomb pattern looks interesting and adds a unique vibe to the kitchen. Hexagonal pattern has both vintage and modern appeal to it. Mixing bold colours with neutral shades and textures can create wonderful patterns on your kitchen floor.

Irregular polygons:

Irregular polygons are trending these days and they create a very different perspective for the kitchen floor. It is a playful choice for the kitchen flooring that blends both contemporary and traditional trends in the best manner.

Circles: The circle shapes are a commonly found option and they look great on the floors as well as kitchen backsplashes. Mosaic tiles: These are less than nine-inch tiles that come in multiple shapes. They are easy to install and if used in multiple colours, they create a strong impact on the flooring.

Try out the different tile options using Orientbell’s user-friendly online features to test the looks in your very own kitchen. Go ahead and make the most of the amazing opportunity.

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