Merging and returning arrays

Merging and returning arrays

I've two functions,

I've two functions,

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION function_a(input varchar)
RETURNS setof integer AS $$
    SELECT somecolumn FROM some_things WHERE a_column = input;

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION function_b(inputs varchar[]) RETURNS setof integer AS $$ DECLARE input varchar; result integer[]; BEGIN FOREACH input IN ARRAY inputs LOOP result := result || ARRAY[function_a(input)]; END LOOP; END; $$ LANGUAGE PLpgSQL;

I am running it like,

 SELECT function_b(ARRAY['a', 'b']);

The error,

ERROR:  query "SELECT result || ARRAY[function_a(input)]" returned more than one row
CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function function_b(character varying[]) line 7 at assignment

All I want to do is to run a function over an array. I've always used scripting languages like Ruby to do this kind of stuff instead of using SQL, but I'm trying to learn SQL as it is much faster to get results on the db console itself. I wish it wasn't so frustrating.

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