NAATI CCL Exam Preparation | NAATI CCL Course | NAATI CCL is one of largest and most successful NAATI CCL course service providers. Our CCL training centre has one of the highest student’s success rates In the NAATI CCL

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NAATI CCL Exam Preparation | NAATI CCL Course | NAATI CCL

NAATI CCL Exam Preparation | NAATI CCL Course | NAATI CCL is one of largest and most successful NAATI CCL course service providers. Our CCL training centre has one of the highest student’s success rates In the NAATI CCL

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Techtutorials tell you the best online IT courses/training, tutorials, certification courses, and syllabus from beginners to advanced level on the latest technologies recommended by Programming Community through video-based, book, free, paid, Real-time Experience, etc.

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Royce  Reinger

Royce Reinger


MLops-zoomcamp: Free MLOps Course From DataTalks.Club

MLOps Zoomcamp 

Our MLOps Zoomcamp course



Teach practical aspects of productionizing ML services — from collecting requirements to model deployment and monitoring.

Target audience

Data scientists and ML engineers. Also software engineers and data engineers interested in learning about putting ML in production.


  • Python
  • Docker
  • Being comfortable with command line
  • Prior exposure to machine learning (at work or from other courses, e.g. from ML Zoomcamp)
  • Prior programming experience (at least 1+ year)


Course start: 16 of May

Asking for help in Slack

The best way to get support is to use DataTalks.Club's Slack. Join the #course-mlops-zoomcamp channel.

To make discussions in Slack more organized:


Module 1: Introduction

  • What is MLOps
  • MLOps maturity model
  • Running example: NY Taxi trips dataset
  • Why do we need MLOps
  • Course overview
  • Environment preparation
  • Homework

More details

Module 2: Experiment tracking and model management

  • Experiment tracking intro
  • Getting started with MLflow
  • Experiment tracking with MLflow
  • Saving and loading models with MLflow
  • Model registry
  • MLflow in practice
  • Homework

More details

Module 3: Orchestration and ML Pipelines

  • Workflow orchestration
  • Prefect 2.0
  • Turning a notebook into a pipeline
  • Deployment of Prefect flow
  • Homework

More details

Module 4: Model Deployment

  • Three ways of model deployment: Online (web and streaming) and offline (batch)
  • Web service: model deployment with Flask
  • Streaming: consuming events with AWS Kinesis and Lambda
  • Batch: scoring data offline
  • Homework

More details

Module 5: Model Monitoring

  • Monitoring ML-based services
  • Monitoring web services with Prometheus, Evidently, and Grafana
  • Monitoring batch jobs with Prefect, MongoDB, and Evidently

More details

Module 6: Best Practices

  • Testing: unit, integration
  • Python: linting and formatting
  • Pre-commit hooks and makefiles
  • CI/CD (Github Actions)
  • Infrastructure as code (Terraform)
  • Homework

More details


  • End-to-end project with all the things above

More details

Module 7: Processes

  • ML Canvas
  • Data Landscape canvas
  • MLOps Stack Canvas
  • Documentation practices in ML projects (Model Cards Toolkit)

(In October)


  • Larysa Visengeriyeva
  • Cristian Martinez
  • Kevin Kho
  • Theofilos Papapanagiotou
  • Alexey Grigorev
  • Emeli Dral
  • Sejal Vaidya

Other courses from DataTalks.Club:


I want to start preparing for the course. What can I do?

If you haven't used Flask or Docker

If you have no previous experience with ML

  • Check Module 1 from ML Zoomcamp for an overview
  • Module 3 will also be helpful if you want to learn Scikit-Learn (we'll use it in this course)
  • We'll also use XGBoost. You don't have to know it well, but if you want to learn more about it, refer to module 6 of ML Zoomcamp

I registered but haven't received an invite link. Is it normal?

Yes, we haven't automated it. You'll get a mail from us eventually, don't worry.

If you want to make sure you don't miss anything:

Is it going to be live?

No and yes. There will be two parts:

  • Lectures: Pre-recorded, you can watch them when it's convenient for you.
  • Office hours: Live on Mondays (17:00 CET), but recorded, so you can watch later.

I just joined. Can I still get a certificate?

  • To get a certificate, you need to complete a project
  • There will be two attempts to do a project
  • First: in July, second: in August
  • If you manage to finish all the materials till August, and successfully finish the project, you'll get the certificate

Download Details:

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How Do I Pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam? Careerera

The AWS solutions architect associate exam is one of the most difficult certification exams in the world. There are many certifications for various things such as the PMP certification and the CISSP certification, but it is the AWS solutions architect associate exam which takes the crown when it comes to difficulty.

How to Qualify an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam?

Naturally, given the difficulty of the exam many people wonder, “How Do I Pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam?” on the first attempt. This is a very valid question and, in this article, we will discuss all the ways in which one can maximize his chances of passing the AWS solutions architect associate exam in the first attempt.

Before starting we must remember one thing – the AWS platform is a beast of a platform and is vast beyond comprehension. So, for a beginner looking to take the AWS solutions architect associate exam it will not be possible to cover all the topics and services related to the AWS platform.

However, one can make one’s best attempt to cover all the core concepts and topics which are most relevant and pertinent to the AWS platform. A candidate for the AWS solutions architect associate exam in particular should keep himself updated on all the most recent advances and developments in the field of AWS.

Which services are tested most frequently on the exam?

  1. Amazon EC2 -

This service is used to create virtual machines which are offsite. It is also used to manage things such as ports, security, and storage because of its many features. It allows the users to utilize AWS’ vast computing capabilities on-demand. With a ‘scale as you grow’ philosophy the user is not trapped into an agreement in which they will have to purchase excessive resources from Amazon.
They only have to make use of as many resources as they need. The Amazon EC2 web interface allows the software developers to configure and resize the compute machines to their heart’s content with minimal friction and absolutely no confusion whatsoever. All decent AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification courses teach how to make use of this service.

  1. Amazon RDS -

The full form of Amazon RDS is Amazon Relational Database Service. It is an extremely useful service launched by Amazon. It is used by software developers to create a database with all the features of a full-fledged offline database in a matter of minutes.

The main purpose of Amazon RDS is to set up relational databases in the cloud. These databases can be set up, operated, and scaled very easily and very smoothly. Amazon provides a very seamless and slick interface which is ideal for operating the databases thus created.

The databases are very cost-effective and can be resized very easily. They provide all facilities to carry out administrative tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching and backups. With the help of these databases, one will be able to give their applications fast performance, high availability, security and compatibility.

  1. Amazon S3 -

The full form of Amazon S3 is Amazon Simple Storage Service. It is a service which provides a lot of expediency to software developers in the matter of storage. Software developers can create objects through programming and they can then store those objects which they have coded into the Amazon S3 service.

This service is responsible in a large part for having made AWS the leading cloud services provider in the world. Truly Jeff Bezos must have been inspired by a divine vision when he conceived of this service. This service leads the industry in terms of scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

How difficult is the AWS solutions architect associate exam?

As we have mentioned before, the AWS platform is vast beyond comprehension. It contains multitudes of services and all of them have their own various configuration options and switches. This means that for a candidate who is just starting his journey of becoming a AWS certified solution architect associate it is not possible to master the whole platform immediately.

It will take many years and a lot of practical and hands-on experience before he is able to do so. But the AWS solutions architect associate exam has a very extensive syllabus and is thus prohibitively difficult for the candidates. Its syllabus contains the following domains of knowledge -

• Design Resilient Architectures - 34%
• Define Performant Architecture – 24%
• Specify Secure Applications and Architectures – 24%
• Design Cost-Optimized Architectures – 10%
• Define Operationally Excellent Architectures – 8%

Some tips which will help to clear the exam -

  1. Read as many AWS whitepapers as possible -

The AWS whitepapers explain many core concepts of the AWS platform in very technical, precise, and accurate language. For a candidate preparing for the AWS solutions architect associate exam, it is very beneficial to read the whitepapers as they will illuminate many technical and hard to grasp concepts of the AWS platform in a detailed and scientific way.

  1. Make use of the process of elimination for multiple correct answers -

On the AWS solutions architect associate exam there will be many questions which will have multiple options. For those questions the candidate should first try to identify and eliminate the incorrect options so that they have to contemplate a fewer number of options while trying to find the correct answer.

  1. Try to spot questions which have hints and details about other questions -

Many times, there will be questions on the exam which will contain hints and details pertinent to other questions on the exam. So, the candidate should keep a weather eye out for such questions and read all questions carefully with this aspect of the exam kept in mind firmly. This trick is taught in many AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification courses.

  1. Take an AWS solution architect associate course -

The best way to pass the AWS solutions architect associate exam is to take an AWS solution architect associate course. This will help the candidate because they will be studying under the guidance of seasoned and experienced instructors who will be able to bring their world-class teaching skills and subject matter expertise to bear to make the learners fully prepared for the exam.

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CPA Review Course – How To Choose The Best Tutor?

Many people have an objective of passing the CPA examination as soon as possible. After all, it is all about their career and future. For understanding the examination and studying properly, everyone needs guidance from experts. By choosing a CPA review course from the best tutor, it can become possible. A tutor can provide all required things and lots of assistance in getting all concepts cleared.

When it comes to choosing a good tutor for exam preparations, everyone starts getting confused. It happens due to the availability of several options or tutors. The main question appears, what one is good to choose. Here, you will get some tips by which you can kick out the confusion and make a final decision easily.

Tips To Choose Best CPA Tutor


The most important thing that you should look for in a CPA tutor is experience. If you choose an experienced tutor, you will get success in gathering lots of knowledge, such as – how to attempt an exam to get cleared quickly, the best way to crack questions, what lessons or questions are more important, how the exam will be sectionized, etc. An experienced tutor has the finest skills for all these things based on the knowledge and skills they develop by teaching other students throughout the years.

Study Material

In case you don’t know how to get proper study material or what source should be considered, you may not get success in clearing the examination. In these conditions, you may face failures only. Hiring a tutor can help you get the complete required CPA study material, by which you can make things much better.


You cannot pick someone to guide you for the CPA examination just by paying attention to their statements. You need to do proper research and gather complete information about their services and offers. It can be possible by paying attention to testimonials only. Testimonials will help you get introduced to the reviews and ratings from some of their previous students. The best service providers are available with lots of positive reviews.

With these things, you can gather details about multiple options. Based on such data, it can become easier to compare the shortlisted ones and find out the best one.

Contact us:

Address: Lombard, IL 60148
Phone: +1 847-722-1523

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