Node.js Lesson 7: Console Module

Node.js Lesson 7: Console Module

Console module which is by far the most commonly used module in Node.js JavaScript environment. We will learn all the powers we get with Console Module that helps us in development and debugging.

Hello everyone! In the last lesson, we learned about the util module. This lesson will talk about another module which is by far the most commonly used module in node.js javascript environment. We will learn all the powers we get with this mighty module that helps us in development and debugging. Let’s start

What is the console

console provides a way to print/output certain messages on to the console. It’s very useful for testing and debugging. console is a globally present module that you can use anywhere in the project without requiring it. It means something like require(‘console ‘) is not needed to use it in any file. The console module provides a simple debugging console that is similar to the JavaScript console mechanism provided by web browsers. It provides us a bunch of functions that we can use to print text. Example usage:

console.log("This is a message to print");

// This is a message to print

It uses util.inspect and util.format internally. You can use this to print strings, arrays, objects, or any variable you like. It also supports string substitution just like util.format we studied in the previous lesson. Example:

console.log("2 + 2 equals %d", 4);

// 2 + 2 equals 4

Other substitution strings are** %o for an object, *%d **for integer, *%f for floating-point value, and even *%c *for CSS styles. Example:

console.log("%c this is red color log", "color: red");

// prints "this is red color" log but in red color

Of course, it doesn’t have only .log() function. It does provide us a lot of helpful functions in accordance with the message we want to print. Example console.error() for errors, console.table() for printing tables, etc. Let’s look at all of the types in detail.

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