How to Learn Haskell Fast

Do you frequently wonder how to learn a new programming language quickly? Today, we share how to become a functional programmer by studying Haskell for just 10 minutes a day. Learning any programming language is hard at the beginning. Especially if you have been writing in Java or Python your whole life and suddenly decide to switch to functional programming languages. When you start studying Haskell, you have to learn a lot of new concepts. This is hard work. You literally learn to program again.

What Killed Haskell, Could Kill Rust, Too

What killed Haskell, could kill Rust, too. Why would I even mention Haskell in this context? Haskell and Rust are deeply related. Not because Rust is Haskell without HKTs. Much of the style of Rust is similar in many ways to the style of Haskell. In some sense Rust is a reincarnation of Haskell, with a little bit of C-ish like syntax, a very small amount.

I ❤ APL and Haskell #2

I ❤ APL and Haskell #2

Learning Haskell: Getting Started

In my last article, we went over getting Haskell setup on your machine. If you haven’t read that article you can read it here. “Learning Haskell” is a series of articles I’m writing around my journey learning Haskell Hopefully I can also teach you a few things about Haskell too.

An Introduction to Functional Programming in Haskell

Haskell is a functional programming language that has been specially designed to handle symbolic computation and list processing applications.