5 Top Software Courses for an IT Fresher

5 Top Software Courses for an IT Fresher

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As we all know that India is a rapidly growing country in the IT sector. There are a lot of technologies that are present in the IT sector but if you are an expert in one of the IT technologies like software testing then it will definitely lead to getting a good job in the IT sector. IT sector offers great opportunities as there is a sharp growth in the number of job openings in the IT sector for talented and skillful freshers and professionals.

Top 5 Software Courses in the IT sector that will undoubtedly lead to good career opportunity-

1- Mobile Application Development

One of the actively growing sectors in the IT industry is Mobile App Development. In the starting, you will be joined as a fresher and working as an Android App Developer. But after having 2-3 years of experience in this field you get promoted to project manager where you as a team leader handling multiple app development projects.

If you have a good knowledge of Android App Development then you can earn money from home by making a good application and uploading it on the Google play store. You can also work as a freelancer and earn a good amount of money by taking different Android App Development projects from different clients they can also join IT Training Online courses for their skills to improve more.

Many good start-ups like Swiggy, Uber, and many more are generally focused on the software development skills of the student and if you are good at building stuff like a gaming app, online service booking apps, social media apps, and different type of apps then you will be hired as a software developer in these companies.

2- Web Development

One of the most demanding IT courses in the industry is Web Development. A lot of good start-ups demanding good and skillful web developers for their companies. When we talk about web development then things go more technical.

Web development is divided into two categories-

1- Front-End Web Developer- In this, experts deal with the user interface means how the website or web applications looks. They are more engaged in the front-end task like managing all the user controls like buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, menus, etc. Here developer learns technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and its frameworks.

2- Back-End Web Developer- Back-End Web Developer deals with the behind-the-scenes resources like manages the data in the database, deals with the data provided by the user using the graphical user interface (GUI), and optimizing how that data gets delivered. Backend developers deal with the languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, or .Net.

Some developers deal with both front-end and back-end and they are known as full-stack developers. Today, the demand for a good full-stack developer is much higher than the front-end and back-end developers. If you want to take deep knowledge about Full-Stack then join the Online Full Stack Developer Course now!

3- Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a fast emerging business tactic. Cloud computing is beneficial for small as well as big business owners in several ways as it simplifies accessibility, resolving backup issues, provides virtual storage space, has higher security from malicious attack, and prevents loss of data. Small steps in the right direction make you successful in this field. If you are a fresher then pursuing online cloud computing course knowledge is a very good step.

4- Software Testing

Software testing involves working with the software quality and have a full assurance that software that is developed by the software developer works properly in all situations. Overall, the software tester ensures that software works according to the requirement given by customers and no unintended consequences usage of the software. The requirement of the software tester is always rising because testing is a crucial part of the software development cycle. Besides this, the software tester also ensures that the software is user-friendly, do not lead to any type of confusion to the user, must be secure from hackers and malicious attacks, have less loading time, and performs well under pressure when a huge number of users access the software at the same time. This is a very demanding skill that you can learn from an online software testing course.

5- Artificial Intelligence

This is the world of Artificial Intelligence where people uses smart computers for their daily work routine. Many companies are currently working and researching this field. It is that engineering field where machines perform several tasks with the same human intelligence. The tasks like speech recognition, decision making, handwritten recognition, computer vision, and many more. This technology has also very good career opportunities.

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