Java and GraphQL: A Guide

Java and GraphQL: A Guide

In this article, I will be walking you through the process of using Java and Spring Boot to build a GraphQL API. In addition, I will also go through the steps to test your GraphQL API using Java’s most popular testing library: JUnit 5.

It is quite difficult to design REST APIs as they need to serve multiple clients efficiently. Each client has their own needs, and therefore requires different parameters around data filtering and searching, which is where a traditional rest API comes in. Clients can navigate the single version, picking and choosing the data they want.

Developed by Facebook to overcome the shortcomings of REST API, GraphQL acts as a query language for APIs, as well as a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your extant data. When you provide a complete and clear description of the data in your API, clients can utilize that to ask for exactly what they need. When you expose your schema, the evolution of APIs becomes much easier. Clients can still navigate the schema to fit their needs, even if you add more fields and relations over time.

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