NATScaled : Distributed Services on TailScale Network

NATScaled : Distributed Services on TailScale Network

The End Product

Toy app running multiple NATS servers in a TailScale Network

The End Product

The aim of this toy app is to experiment with Tailscale (more on tailscale below). When we run the application (a binary actually), it will :

  1. Ask for person to login via Gmail/Microsoft/Tailscale
  2. Once logged in, will start a server
  3. Repeating Step 1 & 2 in multiple systems (located anywhere) with same login account will result in all those servers communicating securely with each other i.e, these servers will form a cluster.

Diagrammatically, after running it in three machines, it’d look something like this:

Image for post

Fig 1: Three NAT servers (machines) are connected to each other (peer-to-peer) using Tailscale. [Arrows are bi-directional but are drawn unidirectional for aesthetics]

Tech Stack:  Go,  TailScale,  NATS

Now lets try peeling this layer by layer

golang tailscale nats-streaming

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