Uploading Multiple Files with Angular and .NET Web API

Uploading Multiple Files with Angular and .NET Web API

How to upload multiple files through one HTTP request to an API endpoint

How to upload multiple files through one HTTP request to an API endpoint

Iwrote an article entitled  Upload Files with Angular and .NET Web API recently. To continue on this subject, in this article I will show you the details of creating an Angular component to upload multiple files within one HTTP request to an API endpoint. The demo app works as the following screen recording shows.

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In the following sections, we will write code for an action method and an Angular component for uploading multiple files. The implementation is quite similar to the code we wrote for uploading a single file, so we will focus on the differences.

If you want to jump to the code directly, you can find the complete solution in my GitHub repository.

.NET 5 Web API for Uploading Multiple Files

In order to make the API endpoint accept multiple files, we simply need to program the action method to take an input parameter with the type of List<IFormFile>. For example, the following action method accepts a list of files representing a student’s certificates.

public async Task<ActionResult> SubmitCertificates(int id, [Required] List<IFormFile> certificates)
    if (certificates == null || certificates.Count == 0)
        return BadRequest("No file is uploaded.");

    foreach (var certificate in certificates)
        var filePath = ...; // determine the destination for file storage
        await using var stream = new FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Create);
        await certificate.CopyToAsync(stream);

    return Ok();

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