Introduction to Redux Saga

Introduction to Redux Saga

A high level introduction to Redux Saga.

A High-Level Introduction to Redux Saga

Redux Saga is a middleware library used to allow a Redux store to interact with resources outside of itself asynchronously. This includes making HTTP requests to external services, accessing browser storage, and executing I/O operations. These operations are also known as side effects. Redux Saga helps to organize these side effects in a way that is easier to manage.

Why do we even need this?

A redux store natively only knows how to dispatch actions and update its state using its root reducer. Actions represent an event describing something happening in your application and an intention to change your application's state. A reducer accumulates values from or stemming from dispatched actions and accumulates these values into the newly updated state of your application.

Reducers must be written as a pure function, as it is necessary to enable useful features of Redux such as time travel (replaying past actions). Actions are simply objects passed on into the reducer and are naturally deterministic. Thus we have a problem; there isn't any place in your Redux application to put your side effects in.

The solution

A Redux middleware lies between an action and a reducer. This enables actions to contain something else other than a plain object, as long as the middleware intercepts this, performs its logic, and returns a plain object to pass along to the reducer.

Redux Thunk, a common alternative to Redux Saga, allows functions to be passed into the Redux store dispatch, which checks to see if it is a function or an action object, executing the function in the former case, and directly passing along the action object to the reducer in the latter case. These functions can then perform whatever complex asynchronous logic that it wants and produce a plain action object to be then passed into the reducer.

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