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Online Grocery Delivery Business with Instacart Clone Script

There are many well known grocery delivery apps like instacart, grofers, bigbasket that are a good example for entrepreneurs to start their business. Understanding the revenue and the instacart business model gives a good idea about how instacart works. It is a good platform for a startup or an entrepreneur to generate good revenue with the help of instacart clone script.

As an entrepreneur, one can start Uber for grocery business with an instacart clone. With the help of such applications like instacart clone app it provides an ease to users in getting the services delivered at the doorstep. One can also customize their instacart clone with the other trendy and unique features integrated into it. Once the user gets used to these unique features, it may increase your chances to get more users to your instacart clone app and get it more popular.

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Online Grocery Delivery Business with Instacart Clone Script

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If you want to build instacart like app you need to clearly understand the revenue model of instacart.

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Good One! The Letgo clone app will prove to be a successful C2C marketplace platform and gets you huge profit. There are numerous revenue models that are available in online classified marketplace. 

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Instacart clone — A business model for your grocery delivery business in 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has set a stage for many on-demand service apps to boom. On-demand grocery delivery service apps are in trend now as many customers need to avail the grocery service without stepping out of their homes.

Because, the pandemic situation has made everyone stay indoors to prevent the spread of the virus to a great extent. Some big players like Instacart have inspired entrepreneurs to start an online grocery delivery service business.

A growth story of Instacart

First, let me point out the growth of the Instacart app in the covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the increased number of users for the Instacart app, they made an announcement that they will hire 3,00,000 additional delivery executives.

Since the launch, Instacart has witnessed the highest number of sales due to the covid-19 pandemic with additional revenue of $700 million. The revenue generation in the past three years is mentioned here for your reference.

Revenues generated by Instacart in 2018, 2019, and 2020 are $780 million, $990 million, and $1500 million, respectively.

The download of grocery apps has risen to 106 million. Notably, the download rate of Instacart rises by 218% per day.

Since February 2020, the number of Instacart app downloads has increased with additional daily downloads of 38,500.

It is no doubt that investing in the Instacart clone app is good as it yields a huge revenue.

A business model of the Instacart app

Do you know the major reason behind the success of Instacart? Fastest delivery and no-inventory model.

Instacart will not make their customers wait for a long duration as it owns the fastest delivery.

Upon learning from the competitor’s failure of following the “no-inventory” model, Instacart comes with the aggregator business model. Now, let us see the brief overview of the Instacart business model here.

Retail owners

The grocery stores register with the app and they have to manage their inventory. They have to make the inventory available for delivery upon the customers place an order and confirm it.

Delivery executives/shoppers

They are the individuals who deliver the groceries on time to the customers who have placed the order via the app. In general, there are two types of shoppers, namely In-store Instacart shoppers and Complete-service Instacart shoppers.

In-store shoppers are part-time shoppers who are responsible only for shopping the groceries. They are not responsible for delivering the packed orders to the customers.

Contrary, Complete-service Instacart shoppers are full-time shoppers who are responsible for shopping and delivering the groceries to the customers at their doorstep.


They are the buyers who place orders from their preferred store via the app.

Building the Instacart like app with a no-inventory business model and go ahead with an aggregator model is a wise choice.

How does Instacart earn revenue?

Instacart follows various revenue streams to earn money. Some of the few ways in which they earn huge revenue are as follows.

Commission fee

The retail owners who have partnered with Instacart have to pay a commission fee whenever they get a grocery order via the app.

Delivery charges

For new app users, Instacart offers a free delivery service. From the second order, the customers have to pay a delivery fee. The delivery fee they charge is based on the time span of grocery delivery.

Service fee

For every grocery delivery service, the customers have to pay a 5% of a service fee.

Membership fee

The customers can avail of some exciting discounts and offers like free delivery upon paying a membership fee of $149.

Apart from considering these revenue-generating streams, you can include other ways to get huge revenue from the Instacart clone app.

Incorporate these must-have features into an app like Instacart

Customer app

Easy registration
Browse products
Multi-payment mode

Grocery store owner app

Manage profile
Live tracking
Web order

Admin panel

Manage stores and inventory
Offers and discounts
Manage payments

Apart from this, incorporate Fast and flexible delivery and Order-ahead features considering the covid-19 pandemic in mind. Also, add special features like Easy reordering product and Online in-store purchase.

**Cost of developing a grocery delivery app using the Instacart clone script

Instacart clone script is a grocery delivery app solution that is 100% customizable white label and scalable. It is built using cutting-edge technology with key features. Contrary to developing a grocery delivery app from scratch, prefer using the Instacart clone script as it is time-conserving and cost-effective.

Some of the parameters that determine the cost of developing an app like Instacart are listed below. Because, the app development cost varies depending on the business requirements.

App features
Platform choice
App development team size/experience
Geographical area of the app development company

To conclude:

Amid the pandemic, the idea of launching an app like Instacart is a good decision. Also, a wise choice is to choose the Instacart clone script for app development. Many app development companies offer this app solution that empowers entrepreneurs to launch their app in a moment.

I hope this article gives insightful information about Instacart like app development. Sow the seeds of launching the Instacart clone app and reap the benefits by following various revenue streams.

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Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart Are Helping People In This Quarantine Season

With the current pandemic situation prevailing globally, people are advised to stay home while following safety protocols such as practise social distancing and self-isolation until the situation comes under control. So, people need several online on-demand services to help them satisfy their needs. Groceries are one of the most vitally important needs of our daily life. This requirement offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to launch an on-demand grocery delivery app.

What’s Unique About Instacart?

Taking advantage of this time, Instacart stormed the market with an exceptional business model and reached heights like no other. Instacart lets the user go to the website of their preferred grocery store and place their orders. The store owner gets the product delivered to the user. It also facilitates the user to shop various products from various grocery stores—Instacart partners with as many local stores as possible. When a user places their order for products from different stores, a stopper accepts the order from the customer and does shopping on behalf of the customer from all the shops and delivers the same. With all said, for all these reasons, Instacart clone App comes to light this season.

Instacart Clone

If you’re planning to start a business, the grocery delivery app clone will be the best startup ideas of this year. Instacart clone can increase your customer convenience in many ways and grow your business. With the launch of your Instacart clone App, customers don’t have to be bored at the long checkout queues, and they wouldn’t have the burden to lift heavy bags of groceries.

An Instacart clone can fetch you a great deal of grocery business when you entrust your Grocery Delivery App clone development in the hands of an experienced mobile app development company. Our developers at TurnkeyTown offer you an on-demand grocery delivery script for diverse business needs. From a small business to a large venture, our grocery delivery app script is a perfect fit for all. Our Instacart clone app solution is completely customisable to the customer’s need. Also, we ensure that our solutions are priced in an affordable range.

Grocery Delivery App clone is designed to be extremely user friendly that can help you boost interactions and retain customers. Our dedicated developers continuously strive to deliver high quality, bug-free products. The on-demand grocery delivery script we offer is made in the native language of both iOS and Android. To own your grocery delivery app script, get in touch with our team today!

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christian bale


Instacart clone - A business model for your grocery delivery business in 2021

A few years ago, online grocery shopping was a luxury, but now, it is a necessity among people. Especially during the pandemic period, people are preferring grocery delivery apps. It is convenient for them as the ordered groceries have been delivered to their doorsteps.

Among many grocery delivery apps, Instacart is the widely preferable one. According to the report of Pitchbook, it is the second-largest U.S- based unicorn startup company behind SpaceX that valued at $74 billion.
There is no wonder that the online grocery delivery service has skyrocketed during the pandemic period. Instacart is the largest unicorn startup company that is valued at $39 billion in new funding round and is going to add $265 million. Its valuation has doubled for a second time since the pandemic.

Instacart is already running successfully by offering a grocery delivery service. In addition to this, they have declared that they are going to move into delivering office supplies, sporting goods, televisions, makeup, and drug store essentials, according to CNN Business. It is evident that they compete with Amazon and other delivery platforms such as Postmates, DoorDash, and Shipt.

By knowing the success story of Instacart, if you aspire to create and launch a grocery delivery app like Instacart, this is the best time and the right choice.

Before you jump into the sea of Instacart clone app development processes, you have to know about the three major aspects: Business model, feature-set integration, and app development. This blog will explain these briefly.

Common business models of the grocery delivery apps

Instacart being the most popular app, it does not mean that its business model is the right one. Despite this, there are some other business models in existence. Let me discuss the standard business models of on-demand grocery apps. Consider any one of them as per your choice.


This business model does not require a physical grocery store. The grocery service provider has to provide their menu and the customers make an order. Once the delivery person accepts the delivery request, they deliver the order to the customers.


follows this business model. It is somewhat similar to the previous business model but the only difference is you will not input the menu. Instead, the grocery stores that are collaborating with you will decide the menu. As already mentioned, this model is the same as the Marketplaces model, and it is not necessary to have a physical store.

Single store

This business model is effective for small grocery stores. Implementing this model will increase the customer’s attention.

Grocery chain

This business model is in practice among large market players. This has regular customers and they can buy groceries using the app. The grocery delivery app serves people all over the country or city.

Significant features of the Instacart like app

The next step in the app development process is to decide which features to integrate into your app. Irrespective of what business model you choose, the grocery delivery app must contain the following significant features.

Customers can browse for the groceries they need using the Search feature. The groceries they are selecting will be added to the Cart. Before they confirm the order, they can manage the grocery list by adding or deleting them according to the preference.

Customers do not have to search for frequently purchased groceries every time. Instead, they can order from the Suggestions displayed by the app.

To widen your customer base, you can offer Discounts and Offers on the homepage of the app. Customers will be happier to buy if their favourite or frequently purchased products are given with some discount.

Depending on the customer’s preference, they can schedule a time for grocery delivery using the Scheduled delivery feature.

Giving multiple options for making a payment to customers is a huge plus. Make sure to incorporate various Payment gateways as they can prefer any available payment options as per their choice. Besides, giving the digital payment option, you have to include Cash on delivery.

Customers can check the status of the order using the Order Tracking feature. Upon confirming their order, the app will update each detail about the order via Push notifications.

Last but not least, the Reviews and Rating feature will allow the customers to provide feedback about the grocery delivery service. They can even rate the app and a particular grocery store. By analyzing the customer’s feedback, you can improve the Instacart clone app’s performance.

App development

Considering a reliable app development company is essential. They build the Instacart clone app once they review your business requirements.

Generally, mobile app development companies offer two different app solutions for development. One is the traditional way in which the programming language and technology stack has to be chosen depending on business requirements. This approach is time-consuming and requires more money.

Another way is preferring the Instacart clone script for developing the grocery delivery app. This approach is less time-consuming as it is a ready-made solution that can be 100% customized with advanced & innovative features based on an individual’s business needs.

Take away

Amid the pandemic, there are many more opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop the Instacart clone app as customers shift to mobile apps to avail the grocery delivery service.

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Scale Your Business With a Top-notch Instacart Clone

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Instacart Clone - Reinventing Way To Start Grocery Business Like Instacart

A decade back, online shopping was a luxury, whereas today, many on-demand delivery services are experiencing an upsurge with the advent of smartphones. Instacart clone is a grocery delivery app that provides the convenience of getting the grocery items delivered at the doorsteps with a few taps on the mobile phones. Since people are preoccupied with work, they prefer grocery delivery apps rather than offline shopping. If you’re an entrepreneur planning for a startup, this could be the right time to start your eCommerce journey with an Instacart like app.

Unique Selling Point:

You can provide unique offerings to attract user to your business. Here are some features you can offer in your app like Instacart:

Flexible Cancellation: You can provide the flexibility to cancel orders with no charges or cancellation fee.

Different Services: You can allow the user to choose the type of delivery services they prefer, whether doorstep delivery or in-store pickup of the order.

Pandemic Safety Features: Upgrading your app to the new normal help your delivery business gain an upper hand over your competitors. Here are some of the innovative features that can be incorporated into your Instacart like app to ensure the safety of individuals.

Contactless Delivery: You can enable an option that lets the delivery provider get notified if the user wants the order to be delivered at the doorstep with no physical contact.

Safety Check: The delivery provider can undergo photo verification to ensure that he has taken all the safety measures before taking up the delivery request.

How To Monetize Your Instacart Clone?

Here are some monetization ideas that can help your revenue stream to grow and diversify your business:

Commission: You can fix a base rate as commission for the stores’ orders through the app. The stores listed on your platform pays your commission price for handling the orders.

Charge A Little Higher Than The Actual Price: This strategy is implemented by almost all platforms. The additional rate you have given for the product adds to your profit.

To Wrap-Up,

In these times of pandemic, people are looking for ways to get their products delivered at doorsteps. It is good to go option to develop your Instacart clone app. Having perfected the art of app development, our app developers in TurnkeyTown make it easy for you to launch your grocery delivery app. we provide you with a bug-free Instacart like app script that can be extensively customized to meet your business requirements. Join your hands with us and establish your on-demand grocery delivery business across the world.

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