Syncing Local Alexa Skills JSON Files

Syncing Local Alexa Skills JSON Files

In the Alexa Skills for Node.JS ASK SDK development world, the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Command-Line Interface (CLI) is one of the most overlooked tools.

In this article, we provide a quick fix to sync local Alexa Skill JSON Files with your Alexa developer console settings.

In the Alexa Skills for Node.JS ASK SDK development world, the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Command-Line Interface (CLI) is one of the most overlooked tools.

Boosting Developer Productivity

With proper use, one could really increase productivity when developing Alexa Skills. This is especially so if you are creating many Alexa Skills, either because you are in the learning process or you are just managing multiple Alexa Skills projects for yourself or your clients.

The fact that the ASK-CLI is overlooked is not surprising, as many beginners will start off by using the Alexa Developer Console first, where you set up the voice user interaction model and also the typical AWS Lambda based hosted skill. Moreover, the ADC even comes with an online code editor for your Lambda function, hence there seems to be no need to use you local command line at all.

That is until you start banging your head against the wall at the limitations of the online editor. Many developers will also start to outgrow the basic hello-world and fact-skill boilerplates and want to create more complex skills with multiple files and node modules. This is when you will start going into the world of ASK-CLI.

I won't go through setting up of the ASK-CLI, as there are heaps of information out there that does this already. Like me, there will be a point in time when you are living between both worlds and switching between the Alexa Developer Console (ADC) and your local command line.

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