5 Gotchas for TypeScript New Comers

5 Gotchas for TypeScript New Comers

5 Gotchas for TypeScript New Comers. When you start using TypeScript, there are pitfalls to be aware of, especially coming from Java or C#. Here are 5 common TypeScript mistakes. What you might have overlooked especially when coming from other statically typed languages.

What you might have overlooked when coming from other statically typed languages

So you’ve made the big decision: your next project is going to leverage TypeScript because you’ve read  everywhere how it will come to rescue when you need to maintain large code bases. Really, I could not agree more with you: my programming background was mostly built on top of statically typed languages, such as C#, so moving to TypeScript felt like coming home. Oh, I wrote in pure JavaScript all right, when web front-end demanded it, but it quickly made sense to move to TypeScript to gain all that auto-completion and static bug-prevention goodness.

There are however some traps to be aware of, if you are following a similar journey: depending on your background, some of those pitfalls may be more obvious to you than others, so let me know in the comments what would be your recommendations.

1. Using Interfaces or Types Defensively

2. Not Using ESLint

3. Enabling Only the Basic Strict Mode

4. Expecting Nominal Typing Features

5. Trusting DefinitelyTyped Packages

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