Ionic 5: Features Make it More Famous

Ionic is in the industry from 2013 and from every update it becomes more famous and likable by the mobile app developers.
Again Ionic came with new updates which are making the mobile app developers experience more easy and attractive.
Let go through the updated features of the latest release of the ionic is ionic 5.

Public Animations and Gesture API:
One of the most improvements of Ionic 5 is Public Animations and Gesture API. Ionic supports the new API for creating custom animations as well.
Easier customization with CSS Variables: Ionic makes the customization easy for the CSS variable. It allows the value of CSS variable get store at one place and can be accessible to the multiple places.
Revamped Ionicons: Ionic 5 refurbished the whole icons of the native ios to match the ios’s latest released icons.Quantity icons are added to benefit you to get icons you need for your project.
Rather than to a platform specific variants for each icon ionic team are provided the appearance variants (filled, outline, and sharp) for each icon.
No auto-switching for platform specificity when using Ionicons in an Ionic Framework app.Could be able to adjust the stroke weight via CSS for icons that use the outline variant.
Updated component design to match the latest iOS and Material spec:
IOS Design: Apple updated the design of components and released the iOS 13 which leads us to updates of our own. We have made the changes in our design to match the native iOS.
Must Read: How to support Dark Mode for iOS 13 using asset catalog colors?
Segment: As iOS Segment design changed extremely from the previous ios versions. To match those segment changes ionic releases the version 5.
Header: ios launches the collapsible header and distinct size of titles in their latest release so to support the titles and collapsible header ionic add on the properties that could easily cooperate with the header & title components to get shrinking large titles, small titles, and collapsible buttons.
Large & Small Title: With the ios new released version’s small and large title ionic made the changes in the framework to become supportive to them in native ios. Small titles generally used inside of a toolbar above another toolbar that contains a standard-sized title. Titles can be used without collapsing as well.
Swipe to Close Modal: In the ionic version 5 new feature swipe to close the model include to support the native ios gesture.
Menu Overlay Type: As per the ios updated a iOS design features a menu that will overlay the content with an updated animation is updated in the ionic version 5.
Refresher: A refresher icon is updated as per the ios new version updates come.
List Header: ListHeaders are styled to be stand-out from the rest of the list items.
Ionic Animations : Ionic 5 supports the chain-able API that declares the animation properties with ease. Ionic animations are created manually and use the low CPU and Low battery uses.
Updated Ionic colors: Ionic updated the new colors by default. Updated colors will automatically update in your application. If and only your app is created with Angular or React starter, the colors are defined in the theme/variables.scss file and will need to be updated manually. Updated colors have code which can be copied and pasted as per the requirement for the dark dark and light mode.
Ivy, Angular’s renderer support: Ionic’s new update is fully supporting the Ivy and Angular’s new renderer. Ivy allows apps to only require pieces of the renderer that they actually need, instead of the whole code or section which leads to the compact output and for the performance of loading.
As we saw the features of ionic 5 which are added to make the code compatible to the iOS latest release iOS 13 , and extra features added to make the application more attractive and performance better.

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Ionic 5: Features Make it More Famous
Einar  Hintz

Einar Hintz


Pros and Cons of Ionic Development

Entrepreneurs around the world want a top-notch mobile application for their business in both Android and iOS platforms. Most of them get stuck mid-way where they struggle to pick the best technology suitable for their business. From questions such as native mobile development or cross-platform development? Flutter or Ionic or React Native?. Each technology and development approach has its own Pros and Cons from which you will need to choose the right one for your business. If you think Ionic is the right cross-platform application development, here are a few pros and cons of Ionic development. 

What is Ionic Framework?

Being an open-source SDK for building Hybrid mobile applications in both Android and iOS platforms, Ionic is the best choice for building top of the line mobile applications. This Ionic framework is completely based on Apache Cordova and Angular. More precisely, Ionic is an npm module that requires the installation of Node JS to function.

One can build a full functioning mobile application in both platforms using their Javascript, HTML, and CSS knowledge without requiring the basics of Kotlin or Java. More than 5 Million mobile applications are built using this Ionic framework by leveraging its platform-specific UI elements, innumerable libraries, and more exciting features.

The applications that are built using the Ionic framework are cross-platform, web-based, and have access to native device’s APIs.

Ionic Applications are

  • Cross-platform – Single code base for both platforms (except native components)
  • Web-based – Built using web-views and can be displayed in a browser like PWAs.
  • Access to native API components – They can access native device’s camera, files, and others.

Advantages of Ionic Development

Quick Development and Time To Market

For entrepreneurs and business owners, ionic development can be beneficial if they want to develop a mobile application in both platforms in a short period of time while comparing to native applications. Building native applications specifically for each platform can be time-consuming which can imply a delay in time to market and development cost of native applications are generally expensive.

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A couple of ways to leverage file input element from action sheet component in Ionic 5

A couple of ways to leverage file input element from action sheet component in Ionic 5.
Ionic Framework features some of the most beautiful UI components. Recently, I wanted to implement file input functionality in a Ionic 5 / Angular 9 web app. From UX perspective I really wanted to leverage Action Sheet buttons, where one of the file input options is to upload it from user’s device.
The issue is that Action Sheet Controller features only standard buttons with handlers and there was no straight forward way for me to add file input element to it.

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A new feature in Ionic 5 for creating performant animations more easily

In this video, we take a look at a new feature in Ionic 5 for creating performant animations more easily: the Ionic Animations API. The Ionic Animations API uses the Web Animations API (with CSS animations as a fallback) to provide a platform agnostic way to define and control animations.

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