When to use Node.js

When to use Node.js

When to use Node.js - Node.js is an application runtime environment that allows you to write server-side applications in JavaScript. Why legendary players chose Node.js to use at the back-end?

Figuring out which backend technology to use is one of the most significant decisions that every medium and small companies CEO and CTO have to make. It determines the pace of a product when it can be shipped to market, what is the total cost and how big pain maintenance will be.

JavaScript has been one of the most popular client-side programming languages and a commonly used front-end web development tool. However, it has also gained ground in different areas of application and on distinct platforms, such as React Native, Apache Cordova/Phone Gap, NativeScript, and Node.js, which is totally different from other commonly used JavaScript frameworks.

Node.js is an application runtime environment that allows you to write server-side applications in JavaScript. Thanks to its unique I/O model, it excels at the sort of scalable and real-time situations we are increasingly demanding of our servers. It’s also lightweight, efficient, and the ability to use JavaScript on both frontend and backend opens new possibilities. It comes as no surprise that so many big companies have leveraged it in production, including Walmart, Netflix, Medium, LinkedIn or Groupon.

Why legendary players chose Node.js to use at the back-end? Here are the top benefits of that environment, but also there are few drawbacks you should consider before you make the choice. Wrong decision may cost you money, so choose wisely. I can’t take the blame :)

Internet of Things

Since 2012, when the popularity of IoT rose dramatically, Node.js has become one of the preferred solutions for enterprises and organizations whoever seeking to develop their private and public IoT systems. The most obvious advantage of Node.js as a back-end for such networks is its ability to process multiple concurrent requests and events emitted by thousands or even millions of devices on the network.

The avalanche of requests and data coming from IoT devices does not block Node.js servers thanks to their event-driven architecture and asynchronous processing suitable for I/O-heavy operations on the IoT network. This makes Node.js fast as an application layer between these devices and databases used to store data originating from them. In addition, IoT developers working in data-intensive scenarios can leverage the low resource requirements of Node.js.

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