6 Ways To Power Up Your Python Code

6 Ways To Power Up Your Python Code

Actionable tips for polishing your parseltongue .6 Ways To Power Up Your Python Code

As software developers, we strive to write code that works well. This, of course, requires code that works at all but stresses the importance of maintainability and clarity. Thankfully, developers are not paid by line of code, allowing us to focus on what really matters in our profession: creating simple and elegant solutions to complex problems.

Python is a language that makes it very easy to do this when used right. I think its popularity among programming newcomers is a testament to this fact. Readable code is approachable for those looking to learn the fundamentals.

On the other hand, Python isn’t a particularly strict teacher, making it easy to reinforce bad habits. This is fine while we are still learning the ropes and function takes priority over form — we must learn to walk before we can run, after all. Nevertheless, we owe it to our fellow developers and future selves to keep our code clean. Why write five lines when you can write one? Readability counts.

This article is aimed mainly at those unfamiliar with Python best practices and shorthand syntax. The steps described are small and simple enough that they can — and should — be applied quickly and easily to any Python project immediately after reading this.

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