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Vishal shah


Best Ar Vr App Development Company

XcelTec is one of the leading virtual reality software development companies and augmented reality companies that do virtual reality app development and AR game development for enterprises that operate in many industries. As the leading VR game Development Company and augmented reality company in Us. We offer end-to-end professional AR, VR, and MR development.

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Best Ar Vr App Development Company

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality App Development Company in USA

Do you want to make a mobile app more immersive using AR & VR technology? AppClues Infotech is a top AR & VR mobile app development company in USA that helps to build creative, robust & most desirable mobile app with modern features & methodology.

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Call: +1-978-309-9910

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Juned Ghanchi


Augmented Reality App Development Company India, AR App Developers

Think of the future, and AR is the way ahead. Apps built with this technology creates a fantastic experience for users around the world.

Our skilled developers create AR-based app that enhances the app’s performance, UX, and a business’s growth. Tools we use for development are, Swift, ARKit, 3D Sensing, Xcode, and many more.

Hire AR app developers in India, and take your business to another level, to the future.

Looking for a top-notch AR app development company? Contact US Now

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Hire AR & VR Mobile App Developers in USA

Looking to build augmented reality & virtual reality apps which can take your business to the next level? Hire dedicated AR & VR app developers from AppClues Infotech who are well-trained & focused on getting the best results for all kinds of business projects.

For more info:
Call: +1-978-309-9910

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Best AR & VR Mobile App Developers in USA

AppClues Infotech is one of the Leading AR & VR Mobile App Development Company in USA that builds high-quality mobile apps over the world. We have the best experience in making AR & VR mobile apps on various technology. We have the most skilled team of designers and programmers that can make a mobile app as per your specific terms with the latest tools and features. Since established in 2014, we have developed 450+ mobile apps on multiple platforms and industries.

As a versatile mobile app development company, we provide end-to-end services that include AR & VR mobile app design and development as a core competency. We help businesses create dynamic and engaging mobile apps that use AR & VR functionality to stand out from the crowd.

The team of designers and developers able to make mobile apps on various platforms like Android, iOS, Cross-Platform, etc. We are using the most advanced tools and programming languages like PhoneGap, Android Studio, Python, Xamarin, Android SDK, XCode, AppCode, Java, HTML, Swift, Kotlin, C#, Objective-C, and many more.

Why Choose us for AR & VR App Development?

  • Quality Coding
  • High Experience Developers Team
  • Multiple Services at one place
  • Carefully elaborated app-building process
  • Knowledge and Technologies
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Top-Notch Designers
  • Affordable Rates
  • 24*7 Technical Support

If you have any mobile app project idea then contact the AppClues Infotech and get a free Quote and Consultation from us.

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Fredy  Larson

Fredy Larson


How long does it take to develop/build an app?

With more of us using smartphones, the popularity of mobile applications has exploded. In the digital era, the number of people looking for products and services online is growing rapidly. Smartphone owners look for mobile applications that give them quick access to companies’ products and services. As a result, mobile apps provide customers with a lot of benefits in just one device.

Likewise, companies use mobile apps to increase customer loyalty and improve their services. Mobile Developers are in high demand as companies use apps not only to create brand awareness but also to gather information. For that reason, mobile apps are used as tools to collect valuable data from customers to help companies improve their offer.

There are many types of mobile applications, each with its own advantages. For example, native apps perform better, while web apps don’t need to be customized for the platform or operating system (OS). Likewise, hybrid apps provide users with comfortable user experience. However, you may be wondering how long it takes to develop an app.

To give you an idea of how long the app development process takes, here’s a short guide.

App Idea & Research


_Average time spent: two to five weeks _

This is the initial stage and a crucial step in setting the project in the right direction. In this stage, you brainstorm ideas and select the best one. Apart from that, you’ll need to do some research to see if your idea is viable. Remember that coming up with an idea is easy; the hard part is to make it a reality.

All your ideas may seem viable, but you still have to run some tests to keep it as real as possible. For that reason, when Web Developers are building a web app, they analyze the available ideas to see which one is the best match for the targeted audience.

Targeting the right audience is crucial when you are developing an app. It saves time when shaping the app in the right direction as you have a clear set of objectives. Likewise, analyzing how the app affects the market is essential. During the research process, App Developers must gather information about potential competitors and threats. This helps the app owners develop strategies to tackle difficulties that come up after the launch.

The research process can take several weeks, but it determines how successful your app can be. For that reason, you must take your time to know all the weaknesses and strengths of the competitors, possible app strategies, and targeted audience.

The outcomes of this stage are app prototypes and the minimum feasible product.

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