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Buying a smart TV: How to choose the perfect screen size and best bran

The world of television is upgrading day by day. Hence, one can get overwhelmed with the various resolution sizes and technologies. Even after going through a dozen guides and reviews with technical explanations, you might find it to be complicated. From the bargain of high-end displays to the big screen, one can distinguish between the best TVs available in the market. Before you look forward to your favorite TV, you must consider various factors. 

  • Never indulge in a TV that has less than 4K resolution.
  • Look for a television that comes with a refresh rate of 60 Hz to 120 Hz. If you buy a television with a higher refresh rate, it can provide you with a smooth effect. For instance, the LG smart TV can help you to offer the best experience during gaming or live sports shows.
  • You should look forward to television that offers better contrast and realistic colors.
  • With the up-gradation of various technologies, the HDMI ports also got upgraded to HDMI 2.1, so it is better to check the latest HDMI 2.1 in your television to avail the convenience.
  • The one thing that got worse is the speaker. With the screens getting thinner, the speakers are degrading day by day. Before you get hold of one television, you must check for a good soundbar along with that.

You must read this guide further about the features you must consider before choosing the perfect size and best brand for your television.

Find the sweet spot

Whether you are looking for high-performance television or a basic one, the screen size would be the first and most essential factor that you should consider. Like every other electronic device, you should also view the number of people using the television at a given time. Also, you must consider the place where you would be putting your television. Only after that can you choose a screen size.

When you watch television, you need to sit at a distance from your television. A golden thumb rule is to sit at a distance of 3 X the total height of your screen if you are using an HD television. However, for ultra HD 4K television, you need to maintain 1.5 x the distance. Hence, you can sit twice as close to a 4K UHD TV, depending on your screen size.

Screen resolution plays a significant role.

The jump to 4K resolution would be impressive, but an 8k resolution would be every customer's dream. But if you check out the internet, you will see that the 8K resolution would not be worth spending your money on. Most TV manufacturers, including the LG smart television, tend to bet big on 8k displays, but you will hardly find any 8K movies for streaming.

However, some companies are incorporating fancy AI. It might upscale the cost of the television, but the 8k models tend to be higher on the price scale. While most of the early models boosted hugely on screens, they outsized the prices of their television. For instance, the 65 inch TV that has 4K resolution would be more affordable than the 65 inches 8k resolution. In other words, you can skip the 8k resolution of any screen size until you tend to watch every content of 8k.

Size of LCD, LED, and OLED

Apart from the various types of television, the ultra HD sets and the HD television uses LED to illuminate the screen of LCD. The LED of this television dynamically lights up the various portions of the screen. On the contrary, it can also help to dim other parts of the screen to provide a good feeling of darkness. If you check for these specifications, particularly for LED and LCD or OLED, you should be aware of the screen size. As for most LCDs, the company incorporates LED, no matter the size of the screen it is using.

If you want to buy the best size of the screen as per the price, you must visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store website, where you will get various offers and deals. You can also look for a no-cost EMI option on these products.


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Buying a smart TV: How to choose the perfect screen size and best bran
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Jessica Smith


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Key points to be considered before launching an e-commerce business

Consider you are all set to start your business in the e-commerce industry. The first thing you should do is consider launching an application to promote your business online. Because taking your business online has many benefits right from attracting users to gaining profits. The second thing you have to do is approach the app development company and get a project proposal from them. The best option for your business is choosing the Best Buy clone app which will save you time and will fall under your budget.

What is the significance of launching a Best Buy clone for your business?

Source code ownership- Once you get the app from the service provider, you have complete access to the source code.

Less investment- Developing an app from the base will cost you a bomb. But getting a ready-made app will definitely save you money that means that your investment will be less.

Customize features- The ready-made app doesn’t mean that it cannot be modified. The back-end of the app is ready-made, and you can integrate as many features you want into the app.

Installation support- The service provider will provide assistance to install the app once it is ready to launch.

Next, out of the umpty number of features, let us creep in to know Best Buy clone features that will isolate you from competitors.

Order history- The user can view all the previous orders made from the app. In addition, the user can also repeat the same order.

Tracking- It is important to notify the user with the location of orders. This will let the user make himself/herself available at the time of dispatch of the order.


The Best Buy app clone with its incredible features will take your business towards success. As said earlier, approach an e-commerce app developer who provides clone applications. Good luck!

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Launching a unique e-commerce platform with our Best Buy clone

E-commerce websites have become an integral part of every business. Building brand presence, promoting products, and acquiring new customers can be achieved from a single platform. If you are a business owner, peeping out to build an e-commerce app like Best Buy, we can help you—this blog envelopes various metrics behind developing an e-commerce website. Let’s get started.

Stages in Best Buy like e-commerce app development.

  • Book an appointment with our team of expert developers.

  • Our developer team will listen to your requirements and then document it.

  • Based on the requirements, the team will develop a demo model.

  • If you are satisfied with the demo, the team will proceed with the front-end development. The app will be white-labeled with your company’s name, logo, and theme.

  • The back-end is set up with needed storage and security capabilities.

  • After the app undergoes various stages of testing, the app is ready for launch.

  • We will launch the app on various platforms, including Google Play Store and iOS Play Store.

Functional flowchart of the Best Buy clone app:

  • The user will log into the app by filling out the necessary details like name, email ID, contact number, address, etc.,

  • Next, the user will go through the list of products under the catalog section.

  • The user can also sort out the products using the filter options.

  • Then the user will add the selected products to the cart and make the payment.

  • The admin will verify the payment and send the tracking ID.

  • Then the delivery person will dispatch the order to the user.

Features of the app:

The customer app:
Profile registration- The user can log into the app after completing the registration process. The user can also log in with their social media credentials.

Advanced search field: The user can input keywords related to the product. This will simplify the search.

Store pick up: The user can order the products online and directly collect them from the nearby stores.

Wishlist: The user can add products to the wishlist and make the purchase at a later date.

In-app chat: To assist the user, the app has an in-built chat system. In case of any queries, the user can clarify his/her doubts via chat support.

Order history: The user can view the previous order details, number of orders, status of the order, total bill amount, discounts, etc.

Ratings/Reviews: The user can give feedback about the quality/service of the product. This helps to improve the quality of the service.

The merchant panel:

Merchant account: Sellers can edit their details like contact number, email ID, etc. at any time.

Manage stores- Sellers can add their stores and manage all in-app activities from a single dashboard.

Promotional content: Sellers can post various promotional content like discounts/deals of the day. This will captivate the user to shop more.

Manage payments- Sellers can access the payment records and other activities around their products.

The admin panel:

The admin dashboard: The admin can manage all the in-app activities of users and sellers from a single dashboard.

Customer management: The admin will manage customers’ profiles and view their details like name, email ID, etc.

Seller Management: The admin can track the sellers’ behaviors and block any seller if they violate the app’s policies.

Customer relationship management: Adherence to the current customer base is a great deal. To ease that, the admin can offer support through emails, query sessions, etc.

Here are our custom e-commerce solutions

Retail e-commerce store
E-commerce modules
E-commerce inventory integration
B2B e-commerce store
B2C e-commerce store
C2B e-commerce store
C2C e-commerce store

** Surreal benefits of choosing us:**

We are highly dedicated to provide tailor-made solutions to make your business stand out from the competitors.
Since our solutions are white-labeled, you own the complete source code. You can affix your brand’s name and logo to the app.
Businesses will foresee expansion in the future. To get along with that, we provide options for scaling up your business.
We provide product support for 3 months post product launch.

Since we provide ready-made solutions, you can launch your application in the marketplace in a short time. Connect with our developer team to know more about the Best Buy clone app development and pricing metrics.

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