15 Most Important HTML Interview Questions & Answers [2021]

15 Most Important HTML Interview Questions & Answers [2021]

If you are wondering where to start first, we bring you HTML Interview Questions and Answers that would help you crack those tough job interviews.

Tim Berners Lee, the father of HTML, has introduced this language to the world, and now it is one of the most widely used programming languages for developing web pages. Thus, it brings several opportunities and lucrative jobs, as the demand for HTML is unending. If you are wondering where to start first, we bring you HTML Interview Questions and Answers that would help you crack those tough job interviews.

As HTML is a versatile language and has evolved over the years, there are several areas where it can be applied, for example:

  • If you are planning to become a full-fledged professional web designer and developer, you must learn HTML and CSS.
  • You create a website from scratch with HTML and also customize an existing web page with HTML.
  • If you want to boost a website’s performance and speed, you need to know some techniques in HTML.
  • With HTML as a basis, you can learn other related technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, or Angular with ease.
  • HTML is useful in the gaming development arena and provides a rich user experience.

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15 Most Important HTML Interview Questions & Answers [2021]

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