Introducing Non-Breaking Breakpoints

Introducing Non-Breaking Breakpoints

In this article you'll find out how Introducing Non-Breaking Breakpoints - Adopting this method of cloud-native debugging seems to be the way forward for many developer managers.

So, what are non-breaking breakpoints and why are they important?

As R&D managers, we have learned to expect that a significant amount of time spent by our teams will be dedicated to debugging. In some technologies, the methods for debugging are tried and tested and the ecosystem is mature. In new, emerging technologies, such as serverless or microservices, dedicated debugging tools are still struggling to define the market.

One method that has become prominent in these emerging fields is one that tries to mix the traditional “caveman” log-based debugging with the more friendly and intuitive breakpoint-based debugging. Whether they are named “log points,” “trace points,” “snap(shot) points,” or “non-breaking breakpoints,” adopting this method of cloud-native debugging seems to be the way forward for many dev managers.

So what are these new “points” based tools and methods? How do they work? What are they useful for? And why are they necessary for the efficiency of your team and the quality of your application? Let us begin, well, at the beginning.

Debugging Origins

Traditionally, debugging is done in one of two ways.

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