Benefits of Outsourcing Application Support Services to Your Business

Major enterprises employ an app development team because mobile technology and business technology are becoming more important in digital marketing and user experience. But managing and supporting apps can become a time-consuming task that takes away from other business activities. Although having an IT department or an application development team is useful, outsourcing some of the responsibilities such as support for applications can reduce the workload and improve productivity.

Partnering with a company that provides application development services is a great way to grow your business if you don't have app developers on your staff. These are the top reasons why enterprises outsource app support.

Focus on more vital business operations

It is easy to get bogged down with routine tasks like updating firewalls, monitoring compliance standards and providing support for applications. Your in-house team could be working on more important projects. Each of these tasks is essential for a business to function properly. However, outsourcing tasks such as app support can give your employees the chance to develop and create products and processes to grow your company, rather than just maintain it.

Expert Support

Nearshore Technology is a managed service provider that gives you access to technical experts who have years of experience in support and application development. Nearshore Technology can help you meet your goals and objectives by adding technology consultants to your team. The opportunity to work with experts in the field can improve the quality of your application development.

Reduce your spending

Outsourcing is a great way to reduce costs. It's cheaper than hiring employees to do more mundane tasks. 60% of OUTSOURCING relates to IT requirements. 59 percent state that outsourcing was the top reason they chose.

Outsourcing app support can also help save money and improve the efficiency of in-house staff. They don't have to spend their time fixing app problems. This allows them to create more value for the company by shifting their attention to more important projects and increasing productivity.

Update Legacy Apps

Many companies have legacy software and applications that are still useful but not up-to-date. A managed service provider can help you give your legacy software a facelift. CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR and PATTERNS CHANGE with time, just like industry standards. This is why legacy software should be regularly updated to meet these changes. Modernization is more cost-effective than maintaining legacy software.

Improve App Performance

You'll be able to review your apps and make improvements to them regularly to improve your operation. In-house teams can neglect small updates and modifications as they try to manage larger operational projects and smaller tasks. This allows you to outsource your support and application development to another team that can devote their time to ensuring your applications run at their best.

The Takeaway

As technology becomes more embedded in every industry, application support is essential for any business. Transferring troubleshooting responsibilities over to a third party team can improve your applications with a higher level of supervision and decrease the burden on your employees. OUTSOURCING APN APPLICATION SUPPORT reduces overhead, risk and increases productivity. Full-time employees can also focus their time on other business priorities. Nearshore Technology only employs the best application developers in order to support your business and increase productivity.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Application Support Services to Your Business

Outsourcing Services | IT, KPO, BPO Services | DK Business Patron

DK Business Patron is one of the most regarded and respected outsourcing companies in India, which has also done many notable work across the world. Following their tradition of always being one step ahead, they have launched an outsourcing division in the UK. This launch will be crucial in the company’s success ahead.

Having such decent notoriety in the market, the group at DK business Patron is continually attempting to bring out more, depending on the current needs and situation. Their responsiveness and the method of directing business is the mystery of their prosperity.

Every organization is looking for ways to reduce their operational cost so that the money required here can be put for better use. For this, outsourcing services come handy. This is the reason for the increased popularity of outsourcing companies, as they maximize the profit of the organizations at a minimum cost. The associations that will connect with DK business Patron will have various advantages as they ensure the most minimal use as per the business standards with guaranteed best quality.

The overseas clients were increasing as a result of the exceptional trust of clients in the company and its responsive behaviour towards business. It became necessary for an outsourcing division in a top demanding country like the UK.

An outsourcing company in the UK will help the company have better relations with the clients and respond to their demands more effectively and precisely. They will have direct admittance to their clients.

For sometimes, DK Business Patron is launching fresh divisions of its outsourcing services to meet the requirements and demands of the market. This launch of an outsourcing company in the UK will help the company achieve new heights abroad.

According to the information, this launch is meant to be the banner conveyor to advance their laudable services and commendable work overseas. With this launch of the UK division, DK Business Patron will not set foot into a developed country, but they are also introducing many additional services, which will be provided only from the UK division. The main services provided will be engineering services, creative design, healthcare BPO, software development services, mortgage services, transcription services, and web analytics. These additions of new services will display the goodwill of the company to the overseas clients and will be a major game-changer for the future of the organization.

Notwithstanding the newly introduced services, outsourced services to the UK will also have basic services like call center services, data entry services, finance and accounting services, research and analysis services, and many more will also be offered by this division. Moreover, the profoundly prepared and learned group of DK business Patron comprises experts that will handle all core business process support and non-core business process support services in the perfect manner using their highly professional work understanding and expertise in the business world.

Taking a gander at the numerous explanations behind moving operations of outsourcing services in the UK and representing the estimable help profile that DK business Patron has over the world, the new division in the UK is relied upon to make an imprint for the association in the global fragment more strongly than it did previously. This is also because there was already a lot of outsourcing services to the UK done by the company.

Having a division separately overseas, especially in a country like the UK, where there is so much demand, will help the company to attract more clients and enhance their network. This is the main reason for outsourcing to the UK. DK Business Patron is known as leaders in the market as they grab opportunities before others could even think of it.

Concerning the enhancements that DK business Patron has been continually making as in the past, more of the same developments are expected in near future. The gifted group at DK business Patron is continually busy with bringing to their customers capable and expert specialists to keep up to the expectations of their overseas clients and provide them with the best in the industry.

Seeing the innovations and continuous development of the company, the market is waiting for their next announcement.

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Best Managed IT Outsourcing Services in India

PixelCrayons works with its clients as an “outsourced IT department” by managing applications, mobile devices, networks, servers, databases, patching, upgrades, IT security, and end-user support.

Our development outsourcing services will provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support to your end-users and take care of your infrastructure, to your fixed hours plus standard SLAs, whilst making sure the results are fully aligned to your business goals.

Signs Strict NDA
Flexible Engagement Models
50% Cheaper & 2X faster
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Contact Us Now

managed outsourcing services

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Best Electric Bikes and Scooters for Rental Business or Campus Facility

The electric scooter revolution has caught on super-fast taking many cities across the globe by storm. eScooters, a renovated version of old-school scooters now turned into electric vehicles are an environmentally friendly solution to current on-demand commute problems. They work on engines, like cars, enabling short traveling distances without hassle. The result is that these groundbreaking electric machines can now provide faster transport for less — cheaper than Uber and faster than Metro.

Since they are durable, fast, easy to operate and maintain, and are more convenient to park compared to four-wheelers, the eScooters trend has and continues to spike interest as a promising growth area. Several companies and universities are increasingly setting up shop to provide eScooter services realizing a would-be profitable business model and a ready customer base that is university students or residents in need of faster and cheap travel going about their business in school, town, and other surrounding areas.

Electric Scooters Trends and Statistics

In many countries including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Germany, France, China, Japan, India, Brazil and Mexico and more, a growing number of eScooter users both locals and tourists can now be seen effortlessly passing lines of drivers stuck in the endless and unmoving traffic.

A recent report by McKinsey revealed that the E-Scooter industry will be worth― $200 billion to $300 billion in the United States, $100 billion to $150 billion in Europe, and $30 billion to $50 billion in China in 2030. The e-Scooter revenue model will also spike and is projected to rise by more than 20% amounting to approximately $5 billion.

And, with a necessity to move people away from high carbon prints, traffic and congestion issues brought about by car-centric transport systems in cities, more and more city planners are developing more bike/scooter lanes and adopting zero-emission plans. This is the force behind the booming electric scooter market and the numbers will only go higher and higher.

Companies that have taken advantage of the growing eScooter trend develop an appthat allows them to provide efficient eScooter services. Such an app enables them to be able to locate bike pick-up and drop points through fully integrated google maps.

List of Best Electric Bikes for Rental Business or Campus Facility 2020:

It’s clear that e scooters will increasingly become more common and the e-scooter business model will continue to grab the attention of manufacturers, investors, entrepreneurs. All this should go ahead with a quest to know what are some of the best electric bikes in the market especially for anyone who would want to get started in the electric bikes/scooters rental business.

We have done a comprehensive list of the best electric bikes! Each bike has been reviewed in depth and includes a full list of specs and a photo.

Billy eBike


To start us off is the Billy eBike, a powerful go-anywhere urban electric bike that’s specially designed to offer an exciting ride like no other whether you want to ride to the grocery store, cafe, work or school. The Billy eBike comes in 4 color options – Billy Blue, Polished aluminium, Artic white, and Stealth black.

Price: $2490

Available countries

Available in the USA, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia.This item ships from the USA. Buyers are therefore responsible for any taxes and/or customs duties incurred once it arrives in your country.


  • Control – Ride with confidence with our ultra-wide BMX bars and a hyper-responsive twist throttle.
  • Stealth- Ride like a ninja with our Gates carbon drive that’s as smooth as butter and maintenance-free.
  • Drive – Ride further with our high torque fat bike motor, giving a better climbing performance.
  • Accelerate – Ride quicker with our 20-inch lightweight cutout rims for improved acceleration.
  • Customize – Ride your own way with 5 levels of power control. Each level determines power and speed.
  • Flickable – Ride harder with our BMX /MotoX inspired geometry and lightweight aluminum package


  • Maximum speed: 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Range per charge: 41 miles (66 km)
  • Maximum Power: 500W
  • Motor type: Fat Bike Motor: Bafang RM G060.500.DC
  • Load capacity: 300lbs (136kg)
  • Battery type: 13.6Ah Samsung lithium-ion,
  • Battery capacity: On/off-bike charging available
  • Weight: w/o batt. 48.5lbs (22kg), w/ batt. 54lbs (24.5kg)
  • Front Suspension: Fully adjustable air shock, preload/compression damping /lockout
  • Rear Suspension: spring, preload adjustment
  • Built-in GPS

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Riding fun and excitement
  • Better climbing ability and faster acceleration.
  • Ride with confidence
  • Billy folds for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Shorty levers connect to disc brakes ensuring you stop on a dime
  • belt drives are maintenance-free and clean (no oil or lubrication needed)

**Who Should Ride Billy? **

Both new and experienced riders

**Where to Buy? **Local distributors or ships from the USA.

Genze 200 series e-Bike


Featuring a sleek and lightweight aluminum frame design, the 200-Series ebike takes your riding experience to greater heights. Available in both black and white this ebike comes with a connected app, which allows you to plan activities, map distances and routes while also allowing connections with fellow riders.

Price: $2099.00

Available countries

The Genze 200 series e-Bike is available at GenZe retail locations across the U.S or online via website. Customers from outside the US can ship the product while incurring the relevant charges.


  • 2 Frame Options
  • 2 Sizes
  • Integrated/Removable Battery
  • Throttle and Pedal Assist Ride Modes
  • Integrated LCD Display
  • Connected App
  • 24 month warranty
  • GPS navigation
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Maximum speed: 20 mph with throttle
  • Range per charge: 15-18 miles w/ throttle and 30-50 miles w/ pedal assist
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Motor type: Brushless Rear Hub Motor
  • Gears: Microshift Thumb Shifter
  • Battery type: Removable Samsung 36V, 9.6AH Li-Ion battery pack
  • Battery capacity: 36V and 350 Wh
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Derailleur: 8-speed Shimano
  • Brakes: Dual classic
  • Wheels: 26 x 20 inches
  • Frame: 16, and 18 inches
  • Operating Mode: Analog mode 5 levels of Pedal Assist Thrott­le Mode

Norco from eBikestore


The Norco VLT S2 is a front suspension e-Bike with solid components alongside the reliable Bosch Performance Line Power systems that offer precise pedal assistance during any riding situation.

Price: $2,699.00

Available countries

This item is available via the various Norco bikes international distributors.


  • VLT aluminum frame- for stiffness and wheel security.
  • Bosch e-bike system – for their reliability and performance.
  • E-bike components – for added durability.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes – offer riders more stopping power for safety and control at higher speeds.
  • Practical design features – to add convenience and versatility.


  • Maximum speed: KMC X9 9spd
  • Motor type: Bosch Active Line
  • Gears: Shimano Altus RD-M2000, SGS, 9 Speed
  • Battery type: Power Pack 400
  • Battery capacity: 396Wh
  • Suspension: SR Suntour suspension fork
  • Frame: Norco VLT, Aluminum, 12x142mm TA Dropouts

Bodo EV


Manufactured by Bodo Vehicle Group Limited, the Bodo EV is specially designed for strong power and extraordinary long service to facilitate super amazing rides. The Bodo Vehicle Company is a striking top in electric vehicles brand field in China and across the globe. Their Bodo EV will no doubt provide your riders with high-level riding satisfaction owing to its high-quality design, strength, breaking stability and speed.

Price: $799

Available countries

This item ships from China with buyers bearing the shipping costs and other variables prior to delivery.


  • Reliable
  • Environment friendly
  • Comfortable riding
  • Fashionable
  • Economical
  • Durable – long service life
  • Braking stability
  • LED lighting technology


  • Maximum speed: 45km/h
  • Range per charge: 50km per person
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Maximum Power: 3000W
  • Motor type: Brushless DC Motor
  • Load capacity: 100kg
  • Battery type: Lead-acid battery
  • Battery capacity: 60V 20AH
  • Weight: w/o battery 47kg

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Outsourcing Services | IT, KPO, BPO Services | DK Business Patron

DK Business Patron is one of the most regarded and respected outsourcing company in India, which has also done various noticeable works over the world. Following their custom of ceaselessly being one step ahead in the game, they have dispatched a Call Center Outsourcing and Services Group in USA. This launch will be critical in the organization’s prosperity ahead.

Being at such a good place in the market, the group at DK business Patron is perseveringly trying to draw out extra, dependent upon the current needs and situation. Their responsiveness and dedication towards their customers are the riddle of their prosperity.

Every organization is looking for ways to deal with decrease their operational cost with the objective that the money utilized here can be put for better use. For this, outsourcing services come supportive. This is the reason behind the expanded fame of outsourcing company. The affiliations that will connect with DK business Patron will have various inclinations as they ensure services at minimum cost with guaranteed best quality following industry standards.

The abroad clients were growing a result of the outstanding trust of clients in the association and its responsive lead towards business. It got principal for a Call Center Outsourcing and Services Group in the country that controls the whole market: USA.

An outsourcing division in USA providing both inbound and outbound call center services will empower the association to have better relations with foreign clients and respond to their solicitations even more reasonably and absolutely.

Such improvements by DK Business Patron have involved time and not if, thinking about its amazing market strategies. Such more current advancements are persistently adding to the firm’s worth and opening a wide cluster of chances for the association with the dispatch of each new unit.

According to the reports, this launch by the outsourcing giant is expected to be the standard vehicle to impel their incredible organizations and excellent work abroad. With this addition in the US division, DK Business Patron is taking their US division higher than ever. The primary services provided will be **telemarketing services, technical support services, live chat & email support services, and market research and analytics. These increments of new administrations will show the dedication of the association to the abroad clients and will be a privilege for the destiny of the affiliation. Every one of these administrations may seem, by all accounts, to be equivalent, yet are inside and out various. Each of these services requires various pros and master which the DK business Patron has with them.

Looking at the different reasons behind presenting a call center outsourcing services in the US division and addressing the good assistance profile that DK business Patron has over the world, the new division in US is relied on to make an etching for the relationship in the overall piece more unequivocally than it did as of now. This is likewise because there was at that point a ton of outsourcing services to US done by the company.

Having presented outsourced call center services abroad, especially in a country like the US, where there is so much intrigue, will help the association in attracting more clients and broaden their organization. This is the essential clarification behind moving tasks to the US.** DK Business Patron** is alluded to as pioneers in the market as they get open doors before others could even think about it.
Concerning the upgradations that DK business Patron has been industriously making, more can be expected shortly. The gifted group at DK business Patron is perpetually busy with bringing to their customers competent and highly trained experts to keep up to the cravings of their abroad clients and outfit them with the best in the business of call center solutions.

The veneration and reverence of this esteemed affiliation are accomplishing volume step by step and goodly impact their International relationship with abroad customers. This makes DK business supporter a triumph across the country as over the globe as an outsourcing company, having customers from various establishments and various nations confiding in them with their center administrations for a long time now.

Seeing the headways and consistent innovations made in the association as a call center outsourcing company, the market is eyeing their next declaration.

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KPO Company in Delhi: KPO Service Provider India |DK Business Patron

Being in the business for more than 8 years has given DK Business Patron an upper hand in the field of Global connectivity and recognition. After providing various KPO services impeccably all over the globe, DK Business Patron has now launched its New Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing Division.

Apart from having an experienced team working in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector, DK Business Patron brought its notice towards the importance of having a separate Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) sector too. Headquarters of the company are situated in Delhi and have been providing KPO services to Indian companies for a long time. The initiative to take the whole Outsourcing KPO business global is being seen as a thrilling move in the Telemarketing segment.

Nothing can beat the strategic approach and inventive moves of DK Business Patron when it comes to capturing the market. Be it proving call center services or to outsource KPO services, DK Business Patron has been a marketing magnet in attracting clients and generating leads.
After playing a major role in this field for so many years, the company has earned a huge client base all over the globe, which indeed made the launch of this New KPO Division even more significant.

BPO and KPO hold no difference in the eyes of a layman. However, DK Business Patron well understood the sheer importance of having a separate **Knowledge Process Outsourcing **Division as a KPO not only help you increase the accuracy and confidentiality of the overall functioning but also lends a helping hand in reducing a major portion of the costing process involved in in-house strategic management.

India has been seen as a hub of outsourcing services by the offshore industries. It benefits them financially and well as reduces their workload by a major chunk. When it comes to outsourcing KPO services, DK Business Patron is the first name that hits the mind of any foreign company.

With trusted long-lasting working and smooth business relations, DK Business Patron has established itself as a telemarketing giant in the eyes of the world. Its distinct moves and creative approaches have been applauded by the world for a long time.

DK Business Patron is among the major players in the industry of** Business Process Outsourcing**. However, not many other Indian telemarketers are involved in Knowledge Process Outsourcing too. BPO is inclined more towards the physicality and tangibility of the business whereas KPO inclines towards the intangible important details of the business such as strategic management, policy generation, etc.

The most praiseworthy quality of DK Business Patron has been that it includes only the best of the best in its team of professionals which makes it a reliable and competent firm in the market.

DK Business Patron has been a pioneer in the outsourcing business. With years of experience in dealing with offshore clients, the personnel here are well versed with the needs and requirements of their clients and strive too hard to achieve each and every goal that their client has in mind.

Outsourcing generally seems a feasible option in order to be able to focus upon the core business of the company and it also saves a lot of financial and human resources. DK Business Patron has stood up to each of these expectations by providing quality services at cost-effective rates.

In the era of budding competition, it seems very hard to find a partner that understands the needs of the business and helps to generate efficient and effective strategies for the same. This is where DK Business Patron plays an important role by acting as the anchor to the ship of a business that needs outsourcing services.

The launch of this New Global KPO Division is undoubtedly a great revolution for DK Business Patron. It is not only going to open new dimensions of global reach and connectivity but will also help the firm explore vulnerable domains and areas.
Keeping the motto of everlasting growth and prosperity in mind, DK Business Patron has been providing utterly satisfying services to its clients all over the globe. With masterminding techniques and contriving approaches it strives to be the best and provide recognizable services in the long run.

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