How I Learned SQL Using BigQuery

How I Learned SQL Using BigQuery

Digging into SQL with BigQuery. In this article, I’m digging into how I got started using SQL with Google’s BigQuery tool.

Working with SQL and understanding the data that is all around you is very important to be successful in today’s data-oriented business world.

In this article, I’m digging into how I got started using SQL with Google’s BigQuery tool.

Where the rubber meets the road

BigQuery is available via a web-based UI so you can access your data and run queries via your browser and all you need is an internet connection. BigQuery does support other methods of access as well — the bq command-line tool and API access with a variety of client libraries. For the purposes of this article, I’ll stick to the web-based UI.

Another huge benefit of just getting starting with SQL is that BigQuery offers free public datasets (with 1TB of querying included) which you can utilize to hone your skills.

For our purposes, we will look at the Google Analytics Sample dataset. It just so happens as an added benefit Google offers sample queries in conjunction with this dataset.

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