Mutation in Graphql

Mutation in Graphql

Explain the mutation in Graphql

in this articals we wills talk about the mutation in graphql

as you know the graphql is query languish The mutation shares the same principles as the query: it has fields and objects,arguments and variables, , nested objects .With mutations you can specify data as fields and objects that should be returned after it ‘mutates’ into something acceptable look you can consider we have sdl as this shape as it know query used to query about some think as select elemnt from data with constrain you are put to access the specific elemnt look to this example

 id: Id!
type Asset implements Node {
 createdAt: DateTime!
 fileName: String!
 handle: String!
 height: Float
 id: ID!
 mimeType: String
 size: Float!
 updatedAt: DateTime!
 url: String!
 width: Float

if we have

 when run this query it will return object json 
 data as this shape
  "data": {
    "allAssets": [
        "size": 166844,
        "height": 503,
        "fileName": "Group 2.png",
        "id": "cj4pmog6t5l280153gdgkl2cm",
        "createdAt": "2017-07-04T13:46:33.000Z",
        "width": 436,
        "handle": "8Hu41Wl7TMGjQ0IgZMtj"

as it nknow the  argment in this example is the id is pass to access in the specific elment  
and varibles is the  id , site and anthe data want to access it or want to add in the database.
leet go to mutation the mutation splify it used to enter the value in the database  if you want to addspecif infromation in the database you should be used the mutation look to this how to write the mutation in graphql

this well be be add in the database 
```type Mutation {
    fileName: String!
    handle: String!
    height: Float
    mimeType: String
    size: Float!
    url: String!
    width: Float
  ): Asset```
    it shold be add the new item in Assert


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