Python String Manipulation for Data Scientists in 2021

Python String Manipulation for Data Scientists in 2021

Train your Python coding muscles using different weights

Array and string manipulation are among the most heavily tested topics in Data Science and Soft Engineering interviews. This is the best type of interview question that tests candidates’ ability to think programmatically and coding fluency. To perform well, we have to be familiar with the basic operations of arrays/strings, matrix and its row/column structures, and Python syntax.

In two similar blog posts, I’ve touched upon the basics and live-coded several real interview questions.

Data Manipulation and String Extraction for Data Scientists/Engineers

Data manipulation and string extraction in Python

In today’s post, let’s try something different. As suggested by Emma Ding (Data Scientist at Airbnb) and Rob Wang’s (Data Scientist at Robinhood) post, we can significantly improve our understanding of various algorithms by coming up with multiple solutions to the same question while comparing and contrasting their pros and cons.

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