Using Model Relationship in a Single Query

Using Model Relationship in a Single Query

Consider the following:

Consider the following:

$posts = $this->model->newQuery()
    ->whereIn('user_id', $user->following) // specifically this line
    ->orWhere('user_id', $user->id)

The problem with the above is that there are two queries:

  • Get following: $user->following
  • Get posts: Above

This would be much more efficient with the use of a subquery, however, I cannot actually remember the correct way to do it...

I have tried all of the following:

// This was a long-shot...
...->whereIn('user_id', function ($query) use ($user) {

// This works but pretty sure it can be done better with eloquent... ...->whereIn('user_id', function ($query) use ($user) { $query->select('follow_id') ->from('user_follows') ->where('user_id', $user->id); });

Is there a way that this can be achieved by using the previously defined relationship $user->following() instead of manually defining the relationship query like the last example above?


The following relationship is defined as follows:


  • Get the users that the user follows.
  • / public function following() { return $this->belongsToMany('SomeApp\User\Models\User', 'user_follows', 'user_id', 'follow_id')

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