Nella  Brown

Nella Brown


How DevSecOps Can Replace DevOps To Offer Better Security

Is it the right time to upgrade yourself?

DevSecOps is a practice that integrates by securing a product into a DevOps workflow. If your enterprise establishes DevSecOps as its foundation, you can focus on building great software while still upholding security measures to protect your users. Moreover, the funny thing is that if the approach to DevOps had done better from the beginning, the security issues would have never appeared.

Security is often the first thing to be forgotten, but the results are disastrous when it’s done wrong. Inadequate security is the cause of many of today’s data breaches. DevSecOps is a new way to protect your application by replacing it with DevOps.

While security is considered one of the most critical aspects of projects, it is also one that is often overlooked. This is especially true for production software, where operational and cyber-resilience are key to long-term success. The other key factor in achieving DevSecOps adoption and deployment is the present mindset of developers who are focused primarily on functional requirements.

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How DevSecOps Can Replace DevOps To Offer Better Security