React Native Component for Creating animated, Circular Progress with ReactART

React Native Component for Creating animated, Circular Progress with ReactART

React Native component for creating animated, circular progress. Useful for displaying users points for example.


React Native component for creating animated, circular progress. Useful for displaying users points for example.

Example app



  1. Install this component and react-native-svg:

    npm i --save react-native-circular-progress react-native-svg

  2. Link native code for SVG:

    react-native link react-native-svg


import { AnimatedCircularProgress } from 'react-native-circular-progress';

  onAnimationComplete={() => console.log('onAnimationComplete')}
  backgroundColor="#3d5875" />

You can also define a function that'll receive current progress and for example display it inside the circle:

    (fill) => (
        { this.state.fill }

You can also define a function that'll receive the location at the top of the progress circle and render a custom SVG element:

  renderCap={({ center }) => <Circle cx={center.x} cy={center.y} r="10" fill="blue" />}

Finally, you can manually trigger a duration-based timing animation by putting a ref on the component and calling the animate(toValue, duration, easing) function like so:

  ref={(ref) => this.circularProgress = ref}
this.circularProgress.animate(100, 8000, Easing.quad); // Will fill the progress bar linearly in 8 seconds

The animate-function returns the timing animation so you can chain, run in parallel etc.


You can configure the CircularProgress-component by passing the following props:

Name Type Default value Description
size number Animated.Value required
width number required Thickness of the progress line
backgroundWidth number width Thickness of background circle
fill number (0-100) 0 Current progress / fill
tintColor string black Color of the progress line
tintTransparency boolean true Transparency of the progress line
backgroundColor string If unspecified, no background line will be rendered
rotation number (-360 - 360) 90 Angle from which the progress starts from
lineCap string butt Shape used at ends of progress line. Possible values: butt, round, square
arcSweepAngle number (0-360) 360 If you don't want a full circle, specify the arc angle
style Extra styling for the main container
children function Pass a function as a child. It received the current fill-value as an argument
childrenContainerStyle Extra styling for the children container
padding number 0 Padding applied around the circle to allow for a cap that bleeds outside its boundary
dashedBackground object { width: 0, gap: 0 } Bar background as dashed type
dashedTint object { width: 0, gap: 0 } Bar tint as dashed type
renderCap function undefined Function that's invoked during rendering to draw at the tip of the progress circle

The following props can further be used on AnimatedCircularProgress:

Name Type Default value Description
prefill number (0-100) 0 Initial fill-value before animation starts
duration number 500 Duration of animation in ms
easing function Easing.out(Easing.ease) Animation easing function
onAnimationComplete function Function that's invoked when the animation completes (both on mount and if called with .animate())
onFillChange function Function that returns current progress on every change
tintColorSecondary string the same as tintColor To change fill color from tintColor to tintColorSecondary as animation progresses

AnimatedCircularProgress also exposes the following functions:

Name Arguments Description
animate (toVal: number, duration: number, ease: function) Animate the progress bar to a specific value
reAnimate (prefill: number, toVal: number, duration: number, ease: function) Re-run animation with a specified prefill-value

Running example app (Expo)

git clone
cd react-native-circular-progress/example-app
yarn start


  • Bartosz Gryszko ([email protected])
  • Markus Lindqvist
  • Jacob Lauritzen
  • Special thanks to all contributors!



Special thanks

Special thanks to Chalk+Chisel for creating working environment where people grow. This component was created for one of the projects we're working on.

Download Details:

Author: bartgryszko

Source Code:

react-native react mobile-apps

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