36 Amazing Python Open Source Projects (v.2019)

36 Amazing Python Open Source Projects (v.2019)

36 Amazing Python Open Source Projects (v.2019)

No 1

Manim: An animation engine for explanatory math videos. It uses Python to make creating precise 2D anim…

[6639 stars on Github]

No 2

XSStrike 3.0: A Cross Site Scripting detection suite equipped with four hand written parsers, an intell…

[6046 stars on Github]

No 3

Douyin-Bot: Python bot for Tinder like app in Chinese [Use auto translator]

[5173 stars on Github]

No 4

PythonRobotics: Python codes for robotics algorithm.

[4614 stars on Github]

No 5

Photon: Incredibly fast crawler which extracts urls, emails, files, website accounts and much more.

[4438 stars on Github]

No 6

Google-images-download: Python Script to download hundreds of images from ‘Google Images’. It is a read…

[3951 stars on Github]

No 7

Trape: An OSINT analysis and research tool in Python, which allows people to track and execute intellig…

[3504 stars on Github]

No 8

Xonsh: A Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell language and command prompt

[3045 stars on Github]

No 9

Rebound: Command-line tool that instantly fetches Stack Overflow results when you get a compiler error

[2498 stars on Github]

No 10

Gif-for-cli: Takes in a GIF, short video, or a query to the Tenor GIF API and converts it to animated A…

[2424 stars on Github]

No 11

Snips-nlu: A Python library that allows to parse sentences written in natural language and extracts str…

[2384 stars on Github]

No 12

Social_mapper: An Open Source Intelligence Tool that uses facial recognition to correlate social media …

[1943 stars on Github]

No 13

Camelot: A Python library that makes it easy for anyone to extract tables from PDF files

[1831 stars on Github]

No 14

Sclack: The best CLI client for Slack, because everything is terrible!

[1785 stars on Github]

No 15

Cartoonify: python app to turn a photograph into a cartoon

[1611 stars on Github]

No 16

Twitter-scraper: Scrape the Twitter Frontend API without authentication. Built in Python.

[1266 stars on Github]

No 17

SimpleCoin: Just a really simple, insecure and incomplete implementation of a blockchain for a cryptocu…

[1162 stars on Github]

No 18

Lector: qt based ebook reader

[616 stars on Github]

No 19

Makesite: Site/blog generator for Python coders. Take full control of your static website/blog generati…

[593 stars on Github]

No 20

Dbxfs: User-space file system for Dropbox

[523 stars on Github]

No 21

BabySploit: Easy To Use Pentesting Toolkit Written In Python

[518 stars on Github]

No 22

Asciify: Convert Images into ASCII Art with the power of Python

[441 stars on Github]

No 23

AutoCrawler: Google, Naver multiprocess image web crawler (Selenium)

[405 stars on Github]

No 24

Datasheets: Read data from, write data to, and modify the formatting of Google Sheets in Python

[344 stars on Github]

No 25

Pyray: A 3d rendering library written completely in python.

[326 stars on Github]

No 26

NonoCAPTCHA: An asynchronized Python library to automate solving ReCAPTCHA v2 using audio

[297 stars on Github]

No 27

Ubelt: A Python utility belt. Extra batteries included!

[263 stars on Github]

No 28

PyCAIR: Content aware image resizing

[220 stars on Github]

No 29

Soundcloud-dl: Download SoundCloud music at 128kbps with album art and tags

[181 stars on Github]

No 30

Pixelhouse: A minimalist drawing library for making beautiful animations in python

[171 stars on Github]

No 31

Twitter-cleanup: Clean-up inactive accounts and bots from your Twitter with Python

[170 stars on Github]

No 32

Spotify-playlist-generator: A scheduled Python script that scrapes new song titles and builds

[150 stars on Github]

No 33

Face-tracking-with-Anime-characters: Hello! I have made a Python project where YURI from the game doki …

[147 stars on Github]

No 34

Videodownloader: A simple python script that will allow you to download youtube videos

[124 stars on Github]

No 35

Render-py: A software 3D renderer written in Python.

[117 stars on Github]

No 36

M00dbot: Telegram bot for self-testing of anxiety and depression

[81 stars on Github]

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